The importance of Sex in a Relationship…

Have you ever dated someone and the sex was awesome but after a while you discovered that you actually didn’t like them?

Based on my life, what I’ve observed over the years and in other lives that crossed my path…this is my two cents on the subject….
I’ve dated my share of men in my younger years to know the difference between love & lust.
The relationships that consisted of sex 4-5 times a day crashed and burned because we never talked we just had sex.
We never connected on a mental level and when situations came up that needed to be discussed we discovered that we actually weren’t fond of each other but had phenomenal sex! We would argue and use sex to fix whatever was wrong, so we thought!  But in reality sex won’t fix a troubled going nowhere relationship.
“After the nut then what?”
Exactly what does your relationship have other than mind blowing sex to keep you together?
If your partner gains too much weight, becomes stressed, can’t have sex with you for two weeks as a result of unforeseen circumstances..being deployed for a year etc. would you cheat?
When the foundation of your relationship is built on sex alone that could be a recipe for disaster.
I repeat…When the foundation of your relationship is built on sex alone that could be a recipe for disaster.
You need to know who you are intimate with other than the fact they can rock your world. Let’s start with what’s your favorite color, date of birth, last name (LOL)…
Sex is important don’t get me wrong. But sex should not be on the top of your must have bomb sex requirements in order to be with you.
I’ll choose lovemaking over sex always because it doesn’t leave me feeling used and empty.
Feels great while in the act but what happens when reality hits?
Will you be able to discuss your future together without making sex the foundation over all other critical components of a loving relationship?
My two cents 🙂

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