Keep Pushing Ahead!

Life is about improving your current situation always striving!
The magnitude of the goals you set may appear to be meaningless to others-don’t concern yourself with what others may think.
Setting goals is what ignites your foundation towards progress.
Continue to grow and feed your mind…love yourself a little more each day.
Make a list of things you’d like to accomplish before you “expire”
Yes, life has a expiration date so your better start setting and achieving your goals!


Funny how you’ve moved on-but the small-minded people are still talking about your past. We all make mistakes including the butt heads who are speaking ill of your to others. Strangely, they find great pleasure in spreading your business to others to divert the attention from their repeated mistakes ridden life.
What makes you different is not repeating the same mistakes.
Let go of a painful past even when the miserable folks out there refuse to let go.

Take Responsibility

Stop blaming your parents for your failures.
It’s been over 20 years and you’re still blaming instead of taking responsibility for changing the direction of your life! Ok, maybe your daddy wasn’t around and your mother was a jerk…get over it. Easy for someone to say when they had both parents active in their life-no true!