A relationship is tested when you have an outsider(s) feeding either person lies just to break them apart. I never understood why someone would waste their energy hating on a good thing because they are alone. Instead of being negative trying to take someone else’s man/woman go get your own.

Learning to trust is hard when all you have ever experienced was a person being disloyal. But the time you really need to trust each other is when you have so many folks praying that your relationship will fail. Sounds sick and twisted but honey let me tell you, that type of person exist, that spends day and night trying to rip you and your love to shreds.

When you are trying to build a solid relationship it is so important to try and get to know your mate as much as possible. You want to be able to say, “Oh, no, he/she wouldn’t do that”, and know for certain.  Although, people are full of surprises! One would hope that you would be correct in saying, “I know my man/woman”, and “he/she would never do that”.

Even if they did whatever the evil messenger is saying just ask never accuse!

You can decide to move pass whatever occurred or move on. Things happen and people make mistakes but that does not make them or your relationship unviable.

Only you know how much you can tolerate or will accept at any given moment.

But you must understand that talking things out is key. You can’t be upset with someone if they cheat if you never really expressed that you don’t want to share.

You have to tell a person what you want first before you get upset over them actually doing what you don’t like. The worst thing you can do, is be in a relationship alone.

YEP, it happens everyday, one person thinks that they are in a full-blown relationship but never had a discussion about it at all. Then all of a sudden he/she is a cheater! Oh my! Well, excuse me I never knew we were platonic…hmmm?

That is a sure fire way to turn someone the fawk off quick. Chill out and talk it out.

Don’t act crazy over something that you never talked about in the first place.

Just ask, hey what’s up between us? Listen, and don’t just hear what you want to hear. Be prepared for the truth! They may just love having sex but don’t see a future with you…can you handle that? To be continued….

4 thoughts on “!Relationships!

  1. Clear communication is paramount with all relationships in my opinion.
    Some people don’t put the BEST foot forward when managing relations and passion/emotion flare up and drive most to verbal displays that lead to stress and emotional rollercoasters, which are unfitting for development.

    I have a question….
    How many people are READY for a relationship?
    Meaning you have worked on yourself so that you would have an open mind and the ability to deal with the truth…Ask yourself.


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