Stop Settling…

There are so many men/women who settle because they have no idea how they really should be treated.

I am not saying you have to be married in order to experience true love-but there is a level of respect you will receive everyday that matters the most.

You will never have to wait for your call to be answered- and if your call goes unanswered you will get a call back in no time. You won’t have to wait hours!

Your needs will be anticipated and you’ll never feel like #2!!

You will never argue because you work at not making each other upset. It’s amazing!!! We put more effort in keeping a job than our relationships.

When other women/men call your phone about your partner you have really placed yourself in a bad situation.

Why should you have to compete? Then you hate and call others fake when they want the whole world to know that all that bullshyt you are going through is unnecessary.
Prepare yourself for a lifetime of misery…you have to love yourself first.

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