Seeking the Truth

The truth hurts sometimes. But it really should be more of a welcoming revelation to allow you to grow. You will have people tell you how awful you are and how great you are…how do you decide which is true or false?

People lie and that is why you must know the truth about who you are! People will tell you what you want Β to hear with hopes of some sort of benefit that you will provide for them.

To receive the truth, we must be willing to face the frightening realities about ourselves that rebel against the truth.

This takes courage.

To assimilate the truth into our lives means that we must roll up our sleeves and take a hard look at ourselves in the mirror. Never seek approval from others so much that you allow them to dictate how you live your life.

The truth doesn’t have to come from outsiders who desire to hurt and destroy you with their venomous tongue.

We must already be aware of the thoughts and actions that need to change. Our attitudes need consistent fine tuning 24/7…

We also must focus on ourselves before looking at how others should improve. Always resist the tendency to become critical and condemning of others who are still in the truth-seeking process.

This takes humility.

If I had no idea of who “Patrice” was then this world would eat me alive….