The Writing Is On The Wall…Or Is It?

What exactly is cheating? Sometimes things spell out CHEATER but they really aren’t. This applies to both sexes…I do not side with a particular sex. There are plenty of women who are just as worse as men…so this is always an equal playing ground. We all want privacy when it comes to our devices but you can lose that once you start cheating. If you are up to no good telling your babes your passcode is like slitting your wrist…that will never happen. A good healthy relationship has no secrets ever!

So they cheated or you believe they are cheating now what? While dating for long periods of time people tend to get relaxed. First thing is never ever have unprotected sex again with the cheater or suspected cheater…Get Tested…When you are married it is natural to not use protection but now it is time to change the game if you are having sex at all. Cheaters usually get enough sex from others so that leaves poor little you in a sexless relationship.

You may have already had an idea that they were being a creep all along but never had hard evidence. You bragged about them to your friends and family only to find out they are TRASH. If you are just dating that’s an easy fix…when you are married its’ a bit more complicated. Either way it’s basically time to move the hell on! Lies, Lies and more Lies…smh

Once a cheater always a cheater in MOST cases. You wised up at one point before the truth was revealed…The worst case is when they begged you to come back when you already knew deep down in your heart they were a pile of dookie with flies on it. But somehow you convinced yourself that everyone deserves another chance since we are imperfect beings, right? That is BS…and has nothing to do with being perfect…it’s about doing the right thing and knowing right from wrong.

Why not establish the rules in the beginning rather than be a nasty snake. I would rather someone tell me that they are seeing other people which means I can too!

Don’t enjoy your life f%cking around and having a blast with new people while you leave your devoted and loyal partner at home. NO fair! Ok, do you play the game of get back or leave? Well, that all depends on how much time you have on our hands and a matter of choice. Do you and do not concern yourself about what others think.

Now that you have evidence what do you do with it? What exactly is evidence?

Please leave comments with your thoughts on how to recognize a cheater.

• New friends that text “hey baby”
• Several new phone numbers from random folks of the opposite sex
• Disappearing acts
• Conveniently leaves phone in car when you face time
• When in your company never leaves phone out of their sight but tends to when you call
• Phone always on silent and hidden
• You can’t touch their phone without them breaking into a sweat
• Two cell phones that serve no business purpose but for ho biz
• Refuses to tell the truth you have to pull it out of them
• Names, addresses and phone numbers of the opposite sex not business related
• Very private
• Always has an explanation for odd behavior
• Hardly says two words to you
• Notice they are intrigued with the same sex all of a sudden
• Shows no interest in your life when they did in the beginning
• Provocative pictures of the opposite sex saved on phone
• Operation clean sweep of text messages and emails
• Sex life is practically DEAD (not always the case but a clear indicator in most cases   minus any medical conditions)
• Lustful thoughts
• Late night text messages from the opposite sex
• Finds time to hang out with friends but not you
• Invites you out when they know you just worked 12-13 hours walking through the door knowing you will say no
• There are plenty please feel free to add your thoughts

With that said, it is so much easier for folks to be real. Cheating is when the other person has no clue what is going on with their partner. If they are aware that you are involved with others on any level tell them! It’s when you are being deceptive and they find out on their own establishes cheating.

“Hey honey, I am going out with a male friend to have a few drinks” LOL
Deal with it at least I am telling you the truth. There is always “everything isn’t always as it seems”. I would like for everyone to keep an open mind before going off the deep end accusing babes of cheating. But we also have to be realistic and not sweep the obvious under the rug. It would be great if you could ask them “Are you cheating?” and they flat out tell you “hell yes I am and this is why.”  It may sting but welcome the feedback and see if you can fix the issue. Possibly remove the nasty person they are cheating with by communication and working though what led your babes to cheat. It’s never an accident that sh*t is planned whether admitted or not.  You don’t contently withhold that you are married or involved with someone who love you!!! That should be shared straight out the cheating gate. Give folks a choice but majority will still go along with the act of cheating. They don’t know you but they should care how it would hurt you.

When tables turn as they always do…and they feel the pain they put you through.  Would that change them?



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