When you lie to someone who cares about you it’s like smacking them in the face leaving a stinging pain behind.

You must understand that when someone truly loves you they know when you are telling lies even when you have convinced yourself that those lies are your truths.

Let that marinate…

Lies Make Relationships Complicated

This is my second marriage and both have been a learning experience. How can you make the same mistake twice? When you lie to yourself in order to believe that you are actually doing the right thing. The signs were always there but you chose to ignore them thinking that when you got married those red flags would turn green or disappear. Who knows, since love makes us do crazy things or the thought of being in love.

Cell phones have ruined countless marriages with the temptation and privacy offered to creep with passcodes that your spouse refuses to share. If your relationship isn’t an open book then it’s not for you, trust me! There should never be secrets between two people that are supposed to be in love. If you want privacy you should remain single with your secret azz. Lies and secrets are not needed when you are single so it seems. But for some reason, folks still like to lie all the darn time.

Telling big fat lies daily seems to have become an epidemic. We must also ask ourselves are we ready for the truth and can we honestly handle the truth. I would rather have you tell me the truth than lie to me. My heart may be broken but that can heal…I can not heal from lies since that crushes trust and chips away at the love.

We are all grown ups so why not be honest? There is nothing that angers me more than a person wasting my time. If you want to screw other women than go knock yourself out. If you decide you like men, I will support your decision and set you free. I would be so thrilled that you told the truth so I can move on with my damn life!

You can absolutely love someone with all your heart but that does not mean you are meant to be together. Loving someone from a distance is totally doable. How can people live in the same house filled with silence? How can you be married and become cold hard roommates? Lies and loss of trust create environments that are unhealthy, over and done with. But for some strange reason, we hold on to hurt for dear life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear, “Hey, you know what? it has been a nice run but it is time to move on, you are awesome and I will always love you but I am no longer in love with you nor attracted to you sexually.”  “So, instead of cheating and telling lies every day let’s go our separate ways.” Not in this life, people will take the truth to their graves!

Well, it’s like this, that gut feeling you get unless you stopped taking your meds is usually right. If he/she treats their phone like Fort Knox and the flame you once had begins to flicker out it’s pretty much over. Communication is a must and that is always an issue in relationships. The person who communicates is labeled as a complainer. If you are ever referred to as a complainer when you are trying to fix the issues in your relationship it is over. This person does not care about how you feel or willing to fix things.

I know situations such as finances may keep you there longer than you wish or codependency. But you have to find a way to break free. We only get one life and we need to live it with someone who we can trust and has no secrets.