Begging for Love…

There is nothing more humiliating than begging for someone to love me. You can not give your love to just anyone. Everyone isn’t worthy to enter your temple or your life!

If a person’s only purpose is sex then you are definitely in for a disappointment. Getting to know each other and becoming friends first is important unless it just happens to be love at first sight.  Watch out for predators, users and people who pretend to love you because of ulterior motives.

The one thing I have learned is men experience the same hurt as I have. We somehow end of with the right wrong person. I know, it sounds crazy, right? Well, you think the person is right for you when they are so wrong for you in many ways. We usually find out this in days, months or sadly years!

If a person does not want to be with you there is nothing you can do to change their mind or heart no matter how much you compromise yourself. The only result you will have is a broken heart. We sometimes imagine what could be when it will never be no matter how hard we wish, pray and hope with all our might. I can cry, scream and yell and all they will hear is silence. My heart could be broken and I imagine them ripping my heart out of my chest and throwing it on the ground to crush it.

I have so much love to give to the right person. Sometimes, I think my love is too big and maybe too much for the average Joe. Maybe my love scared men in my past off because it comes from the depth of my soul. The only unconditional love and everlasting love comes from my children, my parents, and God.

I keep praying and hoping that one day God will send me a man to love me in every possible way. I want the kind of love that we enjoy the very essence of our existence.

The kind of love that we can’t keep our hands off each other. The kind of love that we only see beauty in us and no one is more perfect then we are to each other. The kind of love that we want to spend all the time we have in the world together. The kind of love that we look into each other’s eyes and get lost in love. The kind of love that feels like soft sensual volts of electricity is traveling through my body when he touches me. The kind of love that God is the foundation of.

In the meantime, I will focus on loving those who love me and learning to love myself more and more with every passing day.  The unconditional love of a man is just not in the cards for me and I have accepted that.

I want the kind of love I don’t have to beg for…






There are situations and people that will change your outlook on life. I have met a person and wondered where they were all my life. Ending up with the wrong person is how divorce happens and how any relationship ends for that matter.

When you are with the right person you never want to let them go. The only issue with this is trying to figure out if they feel the same about you. One-sided expectations or feelings can destroy you when you really want the other person to feel the same as you do about them. Over time feelings can change and you actually can fall out of love with a person but still care for them deeply.

Most people will not be honest and tell the person they once loved that they are no longer in love with them but they will always love them if too much damage has not occurred. The fire can burn out and when you try to bring it back a gust of wind comes along and blows it right out.

When changes happen in a relationship, those changes, will bring you both to the next level, level off or END. The outcome will depend on if you are willing to fight or weather the storm. The worse thing to do is lie to each other and become roommates. Let them go! Allow them to be with a person who wants to love them deeply as they would love them.

Time is something we can never get back nor can we force anyone to love us or stay in love with us.