Consulting with God

My daughter reminded me of how important it is to consult with God in everything that I do and plan to do.

Emotions are not always the best route to take when making life changing decisions. You definitely can’t decide based on what you have shared with your family who will totally be on your side.

Sometimes situations can be extremely uncomfortable when in your mind you want change.

But God has the final decision on any moves I make. Never asking why, I am still and quiet. Sometimes I shout ”Do you really love me God, if so,why must I suffer?”

Learning can be painful sometimes as well as enjoyable. We have to take the bitter with the sweet and grow during the process of uncertainty.

All of your unanswered questions will be revealed in time. Keep an open line of prayer with God daily.

Dedicated to my Gina Bina 😍

To my daughter Regina- thank you for loving me unconditionally and being a rock in my life. You are an extraordinary young woman.

Cell Phone Secrets – Chipping away at your love and trust!  

The single life entitles you to tell your partner to have several seats and mind their business when it comes to your text and call log.

I will strongly suggest that if marriage is in the future that you start taking out the trash.

Most people these days can establish an imaginary full-blown relationship through text messaging. 

A red flag that things are going south in your relationship is change in pattern. The text begins to dwindle from your boo and then come to a complete halt and the calls too!  

When you ask for your honey’s cell phone and they refuse what are your first thoughts? What are they hiding? Do you feel like you are infringing on their right to privacy? 

I truly believe that everyone has a right to a certain level of privacy.

However, when you become one there should no longer be secrets. In addition, you should not exhibit any behavior that would allow your spouse to feel insecure.  Whatever it takes to make them feel secure again and loved should be done without hesitation if you truly love them. People usually love what you can do for them and they were never in love with the essence of you.  

Once the foundation of trust is cracked you have no choice but to rebuild or let it go!

The day you tell your honey bunny that you are willing to risk your relationship before you allow access to your phone phone proves that you have something to hide. It also proves that it’s all about you and you do to not care about their feelings.  

When you discover pictures of strangers in his/her phone and see “hey baby” text come through by chance not really looking for anything but heard the notification and glanced is enough to make you curious. No women or man has the right to use endearing terms like “hey baby” unless they gave them a reason to feel comfortable.  

With every lie, it chips away at the love you once felt and shreds the trust in a million pieces scattering to the wind.  After a while you become cold and shelter your heart from the hurt and lies. You once begged and pleaded for answers and never received a response. This would make anyone feel invisible.  

There is so much about love that many will never begin to comprehend. Love ❤️ begins with verbal communication not text and trust.


Sexy Alien

I totally decided that a double mastectomy was the best route to keep cancer away. The doctors warned me that they may not be able to save my nipples during the surgery. I just wanted all the cancer gone! I had no idea of the physiological damage visually this would cause me. It’s not about being vain either. A part of my body was removed and they will not grow back.

My family thought it was a bit over the top when the doctors offered to perform a lumpectomy.

My research concluded that if I decided to keep my breast there was a higher chance of reoccurrence. So off they both went along with my nipples! Yep, I no longer have nipples.

After my surgery the first thing I looked at was my chest. My eyes filled with tears feeling as if I was less of a woman with a now flat chest. So, I decided on implants and happy I did. This is not considered plastic surgery but reconstructive surgery which is a big difference. Same size bra just more perky ☺️

I had to convince myself that breast were overrated and besides I don’t need them anyway, right? I began to sob uncontrollably feeling like the essence of my womanhood was taken from me.

No breastfeeding or a man to embrace them so what’s the big deal ? It’s a huge deal but not if removing them could prolong my life.

I could have nipple reconstruction or 3-D tattoos to make me feel a tad better when looking in the mirror. But for now, the sexy alien look works. I have not decided on nipple reconstruction because it requires surgery. More than likely I’ll go the tattoo route.

Yes, it still bothers me and I miss my old saggy cute boobs that at least had nipples. They were mine not some foreign object floating in my chest.

Cancer took so much from me but I have my life! Boobs mean nothing to me when it comes to LIFE!

I just wanted my nipples to stay intact to feel as normal as possible…but cancer hides! The doctors did what was best.

When you finally wake up…

How can a person that loves you and wants to see you be an annoyance? It is because you are really not interested in them nor have feelings. We all have our bad days and don’t want to bothered, I get that part, but that does not mean you stop loving on each other in spite of it all. It is you and I against the world not you and I against each other.

People have the tendency to either establish their love or prove they never loved you at all on a daily basis if you pay close attention. These standards are based on what you need at that time for them to prove their love. If they refuse then they never loved you. Love has no boundaries or self-doubt. When you love someone there is nothing that you wouldn’t do for them even if it means you forsake everyone besides God. You bare all, have no secrets because you become one. You feel their emotions and can sense when something is wrong. It becomes impossible for you to hurt them on any level because it would be like hurting yourself.

The feeling that I hate to experience is the hurt when you truly trust someone with your heart and they rip it right out of your chest before your eyes. Their eyes are cold as a stone and there is no warmth or love in their voice.

You believe that love has found you, lonely nights have come to an end, and at last, the search is over!

Then BAM! You wake up to who the heck are you and what happened to us? There was never an “us”. There was the hope of what could be.

The tricky part is that you were so caught up on the idea of being in love that you were blinded.
The red flags were all there waving and even smacking you in the face but all you saw was cupid while flying on cloud 9 with the newness of everything. The flipside of it all is we have some situations that when we finally wake up, we have missed the boat and allowed that one person to exit our life and they will never return. That one person that will and can only love you unselfishly but you are too busy chasing rocks and dirt when you have a treasure in front of you.

Years down the road you start to reflect and wonder why you never found true love and end up with this person you hardly know while hating their guts. Yep, the one ship you let sail away because you believed another individual was so much better when you had the best already.

We push real love away to have a false love that will eventually fade. We become weary or carry baggage and all that soul-sucking pain from previous relationships that we ruin our chance at TRUE love. At this point, I’d rather have a puppy. We inflict pain on ourselves by loving someone that is truly incapable of not only loving you they have yet learned what love is and how to love themselves.