Consulting with God

My daughter reminded me of how important it is to consult with God in everything that I do and plan to do.

Emotions are not always the best route to take when making life changing decisions. You definitely can’t decide based on what you have shared with your family who will totally be on your side.

Sometimes situations can be extremely uncomfortable when in your mind you want change.

But God has the final decision on any moves I make. Never asking why, I am still and quiet. Sometimes I shout ”Do you really love me God, if so,why must I suffer?”

Learning can be painful sometimes as well as enjoyable. We have to take the bitter with the sweet and grow during the process of uncertainty.

All of your unanswered questions will be revealed in time. Keep an open line of prayer with God daily.

Dedicated to my Gina Bina 😍

To my daughter Regina- thank you for loving me unconditionally and being a rock in my life. You are an extraordinary young woman.

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