Heart Broken 💔

I love you guys so here goes….I shared my cancer battle and that was very personal. I am not embarrassed nor ashamed. It’s life and I really don’t know how to fix things.

I know I don’t act like it but I am Married🤷🏽‍♀️ 😩

I’ll be honest, I feel single and alone most of the time.

Marriage never promised that all the years together would be blissful. Weathering the storms is the true test!

I am seriously heartbroken.💔

We have our issues and are trying to hang in there and work it out. I was ready to throw in the towel 1 million times….something won’t let me do that. When I tell you my marriage has been extremely difficult and hard you will not believe the hardships and heartache. 

I honestly believe he loves me and I do love him. We deeply care for one another with all of our imperfections and flaws.

I had one last talk with him and some changes have to be made or we won’t last another year.

Marriage takes a lot of work and I don’t want to give up just yet. I’ll admit I am afraid of the dating scene and being single. Most men I meet are diabolical, liars and lust demons.

Pray for me and that I make the right decision. Breast cancer was a major battle in my life now the devil is after my marriage. It’s so easy to blame the failures and not fix us.

I always ask myself if it’s worth fighting for…

It will take the both of us to save our marriage. Pray for us please. I want to do the right thing but not at the cost of my happiness.

4 thoughts on “Heart Broken 💔

  1. Patrice, Hang in there, you mention you still love him and he still loves you, that’s major. Your 100 percent off hands to me and I will not interfere with your life. I being knowing you now about 3 years and you know how and what I think of you. But the one thing I always liked best about you was your heart and the beauty inside of you. From this point on, if you need advice or anything to help you make your marriage work, please don’t hesitate to call me. I have helped 3 people get their marriage back together and willing to help you if needed. Do what you got to do and get your man back. Also, you might not like this, but i am real, Tik Tok is great if it comes to cancer, but the other stuff, you might need to drop it, if you truly want him back 100 percent, no man wants to share his lady live or online with others, think about it, would you want him online doing the same.

    i am your friend, have alway been.


  2. Aww Tricee! My Heart Goes Out To You And Tim. If You Need To Talk I’m Always Here And I Never Left. Love You BFF! We are on Vacation this week With Plans of Going Out to Solomons Island Saturday All Day and To Mike’s Either Friday Or Sunday. Let me know.



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