Fame & Success!

We all want to believe that success and fame can be achieved.
The only issue is we tend to want to achieve success and/or fame based on other individuals. Use others as a marker or to motivate you but never think you have failed if you don’t measure up to what others have achieved.
Their success story isn’t yours we all are destined to have our very own success story.
You can be a successful garbage man simply because you have remained gainfully employed, provide for your family and make lots of people happy removing their stinky trash.
Being rich isn’t always about what you have in your bank account.
Being famous doesn’t mean you have to sell a million records and appear on television.
You can become famous for feeding the hungry, showing humanity, having integrity or just by being true to yourself.
The only person besides yourself that should be measuring your success is Jesus. Become famous in his eyes never mind what the world decides on what it takes to be famous.
No matter how much money you have you can’t buy your way into heaven.
All those worldly things that you worked so hard for neglecting your family and even your health will remain here on earth.
Think about that for a minute. Life can be simple and happy at the same time! Provide yourself with what you need more often than what you want. Invest in your family by giving them love and your TIME!
We all can achieve both success and fame but that depends on what you believe really matters.



What if you died tomorrow? What would people say about you?
Do you feel you have accomplished enough in life?
Have you wasted your life chasing after things that have no significance?
Are you afraid of being alone when you came into this world alone (minus twins)
But you will leave alone unless fate decides otherwise.
There comes a time in everyone’s life when we need to really think about how far we have come and where we are headed.
Take your heart with you and guard it with care but don’t forget to bring your brains with you.
Love yourself and allow others to love you.
Life will present hurdles so JUMP! You may fall but you MUST get back up!
No matter how small your dreams are or goals you must make progress baby steps are fine.
Don’t become stagnated while on your journey keep it moving! You may be alive but you are really dead on the inside if you let your life waste away. In order to be happy you have to learn to depend on yourself!

Why Are People Still Stinking?

There are far too many products if soap and water isn’t working for you to eliminate body odors. However, you should never appply perfumes etc. without first using soap and water.

If your feet stink you need to soak them in some bleach water with suds. There are some people who think when you shower and take a bath that you don’t need to wash and scrub between your toes and/or wash your entire foot.

Just letting the water hit them is NOT enough. You also have to clean under your toe nail and keep them trimmed nicely no need to have claws.

Now, if I can smell your feet through your shoes or your vagina through your pants you think that’s ok? Funny, how we can identify funk and the body part the stench is coming from on a person BUT sometimes there is a mixture that it confuses the hell out of you that’s when it’s just STANK! Foot, ARSE & Hello Kitty stinking at once you need to go kill yourself!

I understand that we may eat certain foods (garlic) that may contribute to stinky breath…ok but what if you aren’t eating garlic and onions? You could be a walking garbage can and not even know it…what you eat(meat and bad diet) can make your breath a living nightmare! The aroma could be coming from your insides through your mouth…eat veggies drink water and make sure you are deficating 2-3 times a day.

Nobody wants to talk about these issues and find it gross but you know what’s really gross? You walking around stinking from head to toe!!!!

Stinky weaves and braids are NOT cute you stupid hiefer! Wash your hair, brush and floss your teeth, take showers and baths EVERYDAY no skipping…This goes for GUYS too! Soak your jewels just as well as ladies who should soak that hello kitty…no excuses please.

If you find that soap and water does not do the the trick visit a doctor to get to the root of the problem. That is all for today.

Morning Blues

If you wake up angry with the world drop to your knees and pray about it. Don’t make others pay for your unhappiness.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself “why am I so miserable?” Once you find out the reason make the necessary changes to win your joy back.
The things you can’t change let it go and let Jesus handle it. Remember it’s a team effort. Change what you can and the change starts within.
The things that are out of your control is for Jesus to deal with. The way you respond and react to life’s trials and tribulations can either make or break you. Stand strong, keep smiling and most importantly you need daily prayer in your life.

Your Health

There are many who have medical and dental insurance but choose to never visit a dentist or doctor. Why? Preventive care is how you remain healthy so why not at the very least take advantage of having your teeth cleaned at a dentist office twice a year and your yearly physical along with blood work testing for everything? There are many who wish they were blessed enough to have medical and dental and you are too lazy or just believe you don’t need doctors in your life until one day you have no choice. Make your health a priority.

Exercise 4 Life

I am almost 200 lbs. and absolutely nobody believes me but it’s the TRUTH. Why would I tell a lie about weighing that dang much! I am healthy as an Ox.

 What I have learned is that the scale is a tool but not your only tool. I eat VERY well never DIET! Meat is eliminated 95% because I will suck down a wing or two when I hang out with the girls.

 I fry food in my home no more than 4 times a year. I don’t buy soda or bread for me to eat anyway. Drink plenty of water, get proper rest and try not to stress. Lots of fruit and raw veggies!! No dairy ewww gives me gas big time!

 Most importantly, whether I feel like it or not I get off my lazy arse and jog 2, 3 miles outdoors or 5 miles on a treadmill. I do crunches, squats and lift light weights…Trust me I skip days but I always do SOMETHING even if it’s just a 30-40 minute brisk walk. The weight would not leave me because it was mostly muscle all the time. I whipped the fat into shape and made it work for me!

 No plastic surgery is EVER necessary if you decide to make a change in becoming more active and eating right. Don’t be LAZY or keep making excuses. I can’t tell a lie…I hate the idea of working out and actually getting outside to jog but love the results and the feeling I get afterwards. (when I am not sore)

 At the age of 41 there is no time to think about working out or eating right because now it’s between life and death. I will not become diabetic or suffer from heart disease just from being lazy.

 However, there are some folks who are predisposed to those diseases and those are the people who really should take exercise and eating right seriously. One life! Let’s do this thing right…Get up, get out and do something!