False Nails Gone Bad

There is nothing wrong with false nails if you keep them clean and at a reasonable length. Some are shaped like a sharp knife, super thick or look like they can be used as a mini shovel. The worst is when you see the dirt embedded under or stuck between where the false nail and real nail meet. The super long claws with those crazy flamboyant colors is a clear indicator of someone wanting to be “noticed”. My nail tech talked me into getting one finger dazzled up since all ten done up with a design would have made me dizzy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off that one obnoxious design that I went back the next day to have it removed. I wear active length solid colors and that works fine and keep my nails grime free. Besides how in the heck can you wash your personal parts or wipe your backside after a dump when you have claws for nails? Never mind I will make my own sandwich but thanks for offering.

Why Is She Scratching Her Scalp Like That!?

The truth of the matter is that many, NOT ALL, women who wear a weave or braids don’t wash their hair at all or not enough. Sounds gross and some may even get offended but I don’t give a rat’s buttocks because you are nasty!

When I wore a weave my stylist washed and styled it as if it were my very own hair. Washing caused my weave to become loose but she was there with her needle and thread to tighten it up. One thing for sure my scalp, hair and the weave was squeaky clean. There are too many times on the metro women with braids are digging into their hair, examining the dirt removed from the scalp then tossing it. If you are close enough you may be grossed out even more from a nasty sour smelling aroma that smacks you in the nose.

Now if that is not enough to be considered dirty what is? The patting on the head that turns into loud pounding is very disturbing when all you have to do is wash your hair. Dry scalp may be the cause as well however you can fix that too with oil or dandruff shampoo. If that doesn’t work visit your dermatologist.

Everybody’s scalp will itch that’s normal. I just hate to “hear” then look and see someone digging for days that’s just nasty. I don’t know, maybe the long metro ride is boring so what else is there to do besides read a book, listen to music or time how long someone scratches their weave.

I always wondered if they made their scalp bleed.

False Lashes

Not everyone is born with beautiful long lashes…what a bummer!!! The downside to this new eyelash craze is that “most” of them are starting to resemble bat wings instead of long beautiful lashes. I have seen false lashes applied that looked GREAT!! However, if I see your lashes before I have a chance to focus on your face ummmm? That’s not a good look. I wear false lashes myself and pay a pretty penny to have them applied correctly and with taste.
If your tech is using the glue they use to attach tracks (weaves) to a scalp run as fast as you can!!! If you can’t afford to pay to have the lashes that are “official ” don’t opt for the ghetto bat wings. Just save your change to have lashes applied correctly or leave it alone.
Besides men really hate false lashes when they look tacky and laugh behind your back…Females too!
Michelle Obama wears false lashes do you see her lashes looking all crazy??? No! Enough said…