After a Bad Relationship

A bad relationship can make you feel like your whole world has come to an end when you have given this “person” your heart.

The most important thing that I will share with you is to NEVER beat yourself up. Calling yourself stupid and telling yourself a million times that you wish you had never met her/him will only make the healing process longer.

Hate and disappointment is a sure fire way to make you into a bitter scorned reject.
When you experience a set back and someone tries to destroy you don’t think about the evil that has been done to you.
Focus on the purpose. Yes, focus on the reason why this disaster of a relationship happened and what role you played. There is always a reason why situations happen nothing just happens. Life altering changes are exactly that…pray, cry, scream do whatever just open your eyes and your heart to start the healing process.

Always remember that you can’t play the blame game. It takes two to tangle even if you are allowing the person to walk all over you…Key word”allow”.


Do What’s Best for You…

Do what’s best for you. Never let anyone determine what you should do- especially if it will tarnish your image or prevent you from reaching your destiny.

Just say “no” and don’t expect them to understand.
It’s not being selfish it’s looking out for #1
You must take care of yourself before you can help anyone else!

Never remain in an unfulfilled relationship because you are afraid of breaking someone’s heart. Your happiness is far more important.

Misery Loves Company!

I love life ♥️♥️♥️you have to love yourself- this protects you from evil people who want to rip you apart.

I can’t stand negative jealous hateful people. I love positive vibes and to be surrounded by loving secure people who don’t judge and see my heart.

There is always a little truth in every joke so why don’t you just STFU!

Experiencing hatred since childhood from people!!

People can be so mean and jealous.

Folks have taken their life over being treated this way. I am truly blessed that I love myself and know the works of the devil.

So many can not stand to see you happy. They pride themselves on trying to alienate you. What they don’t realize is that I am NOT thinking about them. You don’t know a darn thing about me but you don’t like me?

That’s hysterical and very sad. Get a life.

You don’t matter, never did and never will so leave me alone! Don’t talk to me nor look in my direction.

You are not important in my life. I have enough people in my life that love me to the moon and back🙏🏾♥️

False Sisterhood

I’ve known this particular female for over 20 years and loved her like a sister.

Well, she sent me an invitation to her wedding, and it arrived two weeks after her wedding.
Ghetto mailman lost it post date was 30 days prior to wedding date on invite.

I kept calling and texted her to get the location and she NEVER responded.
Ok, over that now…I guess being a new bride to be she was busy.

It really hurt me to miss her wedding.

Several years later we connected on Facebook…I attempted to spend time with my sister like friend, so I thought- she was always busy or too sleepy to see me. I know, I should have taken the hint, but I refused to believe she was that fake and mean.

Then she told me, ” I can’t hang out with you, I can’t compete with you”
She hurt my heart since I loved her in spite of.

I don’t compete with anyone and why would she feel she had to compete with me? If only people would learn to love themselves better and that would totally eliminate insecurity.

I ran into her at the grocery store, and she acted like she saw a ghost…WOW!

Why Do People Cheat?

That is the million dollar question! Each situation is different and there is no cure all to keep a person from cheating.

Before considering branding a person as a cheater you must be clear on what is exactly cheating?

If you are married and you have intercourse with another individual, that is beyond cheating! Heck, you have sunk to an all time low and should have your azz kicked!

Jesus is waiting at the gate ready to slam it in your face! He may give you pass but it better be a good explanation.

If you are just dating, sit your silly controlling self down please! Yes, you do have to start somewhere, and I understand that dating is where the foundation starts! However, you are not married so basically you can see and be with whom you choose…just be SAFE!

When you get “married” that is when all bets are off…If you really think you can’t keep your frank in your pants or your lily pad on lock then don’t freaking get married.

Be single and be a whore all your darn life instead of  telling lies tell the truth!

Let folks know up front that all you want is sex. It’s all about choices, and when you take that away from folks that makes them lose their mind!!

There are so many people who don’t want to be committed and lie just to get some of that hot pocket or sausage that it’s ri’dick”vicious. Yes, I made the word up :).

OMG! People will do the most just to get laid…so sad! Just be honest then you will never be labeled as a cheater, and even if you are given the cheating crown, you can honestly say, well, I told you so!






Things Are Not Always As They Seem

I can’t tell you enough how important it is to communicate! Hello, I can’t hear you! Nope, they are not mind readers, open your mouth.

Ask questions, without accusing someone of something that you really are not certain took place.

I’ve seen people break up over their mate being seen in public hugging and kissing their cousin or someone that they never had romantic relations with but are important to them.

We must never forget that people have lives before they meet us. Sorry to tell you this but you are not the only important person either. Jealously is such a turn off…They are with you so why are you concerned about everything and everybody else?

Give people room to breathe, which means you can also give them enough rope to hang themselves. Chill out, don’t be a serial text butthole or blow their phone up because you think they are with someone else. So what if they are? What can you do about it?

Assume like an a*!hole, deal with it, or focus on the two of you when together like there’s no-one else in the world. A person will decide to be with you if and when they want to.  When you push them away with jealously- you pretty much shoved them into someone else’s arms.

Stop imagining things, date other people if you need to! Stop making yourself readily available to someone who doesn’t do the same for you. When you are bored your imagination starts to run wild. “I know he/she is with someone else”, when they are actually knocked out cold sleep from a hard day’s work. But you keep texting and calling like an annoying jealous little donkey!

They wake up to nasty text messages and voice messages that sound like an escaped mental patient. Things are not always as them seem…so relax before you jump to conclusions. Some situations that appear to be overt cheating could possible be totally innocent.

This is why you ask, watch your tone, and leave the attitude out of the equation as well. How the heck can you be upset about something that hasn’t been proven beyond a reasonable doubt?





















A relationship is tested when you have an outsider(s) feeding either person lies just to break them apart. I never understood why someone would waste their energy hating on a good thing because they are alone. Instead of being negative trying to take someone else’s man/woman go get your own.

Learning to trust is hard when all you have ever experienced was a person being disloyal. But the time you really need to trust each other is when you have so many folks praying that your relationship will fail. Sounds sick and twisted but honey let me tell you, that type of person exist, that spends day and night trying to rip you and your love to shreds.

When you are trying to build a solid relationship it is so important to try and get to know your mate as much as possible. You want to be able to say, “Oh, no, he/she wouldn’t do that”, and know for certain.  Although, people are full of surprises! One would hope that you would be correct in saying, “I know my man/woman”, and “he/she would never do that”.

Even if they did whatever the evil messenger is saying just ask never accuse!

You can decide to move pass whatever occurred or move on. Things happen and people make mistakes but that does not make them or your relationship unviable.

Only you know how much you can tolerate or will accept at any given moment.

But you must understand that talking things out is key. You can’t be upset with someone if they cheat if you never really expressed that you don’t want to share.

You have to tell a person what you want first before you get upset over them actually doing what you don’t like. The worst thing you can do, is be in a relationship alone.

YEP, it happens everyday, one person thinks that they are in a full-blown relationship but never had a discussion about it at all. Then all of a sudden he/she is a cheater! Oh my! Well, excuse me I never knew we were platonic…hmmm?

That is a sure fire way to turn someone the fawk off quick. Chill out and talk it out.

Don’t act crazy over something that you never talked about in the first place.

Just ask, hey what’s up between us? Listen, and don’t just hear what you want to hear. Be prepared for the truth! They may just love having sex but don’t see a future with you…can you handle that? To be continued….