by Patrice McCullough

I keep searching, hoping, wishing believing and he’s not there

I keep falling, thinking, praying, crying and he’s is still not there

Have never been in love but want to be just once before I die

Looking towards the sky and thinking of all the many lies

I day dream of one day finding that special someone who will

Be true to me and I true to him we will go through this life together

Weathering the storms and keeping a strong foundation of trust, love and forgiveness

We will communicate, laugh eat and sleep together. Greet one another in the mornings with a warm kiss and soft caress thanking the Lord for bringing us together

Before we start our day, we will pray for strength to fight off the many evil temptations that face us everyday

When God sends my soul mate my true love; I will humbly accept my blessing

No longer, will I continue to allow a man to choose me nor will I choose him

From this day, fourth God will be doing the choosing.

Some things are just better left to the man upstairs because it is obvious that my choices are not working out.

2 thoughts on “Searching

  1. Love hurt sometimes

    Why would love hurt me
    What did I do, please tell me love
    So ill know the truth.

    One day you love me
    You shine my heart true
    Make my joy happen
    I smile cause it’s you

    As time went by I began to see
    The love I thought was you
    It was all me.

    But my desire kept growing
    With the thought of loving you
    Could not believe that it was not true

    The pain was real, I could not deny
    Cause in my eyes were real tears
    When I would cry.

    Even though it hurt sometimes
    Real Real bad…. When I would see you my heart
    Would be glad…

    What is this happening
    Don’t make no sense to me..
    My heart wont release
    Your love it cant be..

    It finally came
    I finally got the clue..
    It’s not me you love
    Cause you doing you…


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