Bitter or Sweet?

As I reflect on my life there is a new found understanding.
I have no room for senseless mistakes. I have no time to ignore the visions that are given to me as a warning to take a right turn instead of a left.
What if you were diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and only had a few months to live?

WE have to learn to live to be happy not live to struggle with emotions knowing a person isn’t truly for us if they are against us.

Could you honestly say, โ€œWell, God here I come and thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful lifeโ€?
Why do we always make excuses for other people treating us bad when there is someone we rejected that will treat us like royalty?
Could you thank your mate for giving you time with them that was filled with love and happiness?

Yes, relationships have ups and downs but not to the point that your spirit is broken and you feel empty.

Love is filled with tears of joy not pain and donโ€™t let anyone try to convince you otherwise!

Sorry for Your Loss…

What can you say to a person that lost their mother?
There’s nothing you really can say but the usual phrases like; you are in my prayers or sorry for your loss.
There isn’t enough tea in china or words that are used daily around the world to ease the pain.
Death is a part of the life cycle which I deem very ugly but a necessary woe.
Sometimes a nice, long warm hug with silence is more comforting than being bombarded with words.
Letting them know that you can’t imagine how they feel; however you hurt because they hurt.
You are sad because you love them so much that seeing them experience this dreadful life event makes you sad too.
When I was young people used to say death is just the beginning!
Maybe so but you can’t tell someone who who just lost their mommy or daddy that death is something to not be sad about.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

I have experienced one of the worst two weeks of my life. Change is inevitable however the process in which change occurs can be extremely abrupt not allowing a chance to adapt.
I lost my Aunt and a wonderful friend who was a beautiful person in the same week. My cousin told me to purchase the paper on Friday since my Aunt’s obituary was listed and I stumbled upon my friend’s picture one page over! I was already in a sad place as a result of the loss of my Aunt to cancer. But once I saw Joe’s face in the obituary along with my Aunt’s picture, I started to sob uncontrollably. Is this really happening? I took a picture of the listing with my iPhone and texted it to Tanya who confirmed it was Joe.
Accepting the fact that I lost two people in one week is painful beyond comprehension. My chest is tight and sometimes I forget to breath until I feel light headed. If only there was another chance to see him. That hug I decided to not give him would have been given without a second thought. The times my schedule was so called too hectic to visit my Auntie would have been cleared even if for just a few hours. Feeling really stupid right now wishing, hoping and praying they both knew how much I loved them. Joe died in his sleep and even from his death whether by chance or not he wanted me know that he was called home. Joe knew that his friend would have been looking for him. Death is part of life but it sure hurts something terrible!