Do we actually see the reality of everything around us or do we hide behind the idea of what we want our relationship to be?

We go along in life with blinders on and dare someone from the outside looking in to tell us the hard truth.

What do you know? You are just jealous? In some cases you may be right but still take in account what fools say as well.

My favorite quote is “Things are NOT as they seem”. You better believe that too.
There are times our imagination runs away with us and we accuse our partners of doing things they never did.

Then you have instances that your gut tells you “something is just not right”…you can’t put your finger on it but you can feel it in your bones.

Intuition is how we survive but you mustn’t ignore it even when you may be far-fetched.

Keep your eyes open and slowly give your heart away don’t dive in head first. Get to know a person no matter what people say about it taking years to really know someone.

It depends on how open and honest you both are that will allow you to learn about each other.

It’s scary out here and you can’t spend your entire life with your guards up never trusting again. But you can proceed with caution and pay attention to the RED FLAGS!