Two Sides To Every Story

Rule #1 your family and friends love you so they will side with you. When you tell your side of the story of course they will be on your side 100%.
I have one friend that will not chime in with me and plays the devil’s advocate and I appreciate her very much.
She always tells me that it’s not exactly how I see it and helps me to see the bigger picture.
If the person you are sharing your issues with isn’t there to witness what actually happened you better believe lots were left out. We don’t mean to fabricate stories and blow them up but we do! Everything that you speak about is the truth but it’s not the entire truth.
It’s sort of like texting you can’t hear the tone of their voice, see facial expressions etc. you can only assume how they are feeling. If you and the partner you are talking about isn’t present to discuss issues with the individual you decide to speak to it will never be fair.
You will make that person you are discussing appear to be the worst person in the world.
There is nothing wrong with confiding but you must make sure the person you are speaking to can get the entire story out of you in order for them to make a fair assessment of the situation.


***There is always a grey area when it comes to what I have written. Will there be cases when you should mind someone else’s business? Of course! That all depends on the severity of the situation and if someone’s life is at risk.**** Just be careful you don’t put yourself in harm’s way when you decide to play private detective or a good Samaritan.

You just found out something that was rather disturbing about someone and all of a sudden you feel compelled to tell them? Well, you really need to mind your business!

Even if you were part of the fiasco just shut your mouth please. Stop whatever it is and keep it moving. If whatever you found out does not directly affect you shut up!

“I really think she should know that he is cheating on her”. First, why is it any of your business? He’s your friend ok I get that part but the worst is when you have no affiliation with the person but you think they should know? Once again, just mind your business.

He’s your friend and you want to protect him, right? You tell him and then what? He will continue to see her because they already discussed having an open relationship…feeling dumb right now?

You are a person that feeds off of drama that is all. If you must be a blubber mouth please make sure your facts are solid as a rock and get ready to get the donkey poop smacked out of you if you bark up the wrong tree.

You see her out hugging on a guy and he even kisses her on the cheek as they walk away holding hands. It’s her cousin fool and they are not “kissing cousins” as in tongue all over the place! They are just very close and love each other as family.

Everything is not as it seems and you better just look the other way. Be more concerned about your folks cheating on you since that should be your only agenda.

Whatever is meant for them to know; they will find out without you poking your nose in their relationship. If the situation occurred several months ago or even years why the heck are you divulging the information now? You are a rat bringing old rotten cheese and love drama.

My name is Patrice and I don’t know anything unless it is about me. I have a life of my own.

Mind your darn business and you shall see how much happier you will become. So busy cleaning other folk’s back yard that you have maggots in yours.

Don’t Be Angry…

The very man/woman you are pouring your heart out to with hopes they can shed some light on your relationship woes is the very one who is envious of what you have. Just go talk to granny or pops and get some old school advice. Let’s hope they are not worse than your imposter friends.

When you tell someone about issues you are having in your relationship then wake up the next morning and it’s all over the 8 o’clock news don’t be angry. Learn to be more selective with the company you keep and whom you share your personal life with.

Remember that every time you decide to share your personal life you are taking a risk of that person having diarrhea of the mouth. People will pretend to care about you just to get close and destroy you.

I will never understand why someone would waste their time and energy trying to make someone miserable other than it has to be a sickness. I’d rather blog, work out or read a book before I spend my time hating on someone. Serioiusly? GET A LIFE!

Some folks can’t hold water. Right after you tell them something ten other folks will know every detail you shared with big mouth. In this world you basically can’t trust anyone but who wants to live life that way? This is exactly why you look for red flags!
People will show you their true character over time.

If your so-called friend tells you something that another person said about you that was negative you really don’t want to tell them a darn thing about your personal life.

I’ve had a female tell me that some chick came to her and had all this negative mess to say about me and she listened. The winch had the nerve to chime in with the heifer.
To make matters worse she in some way thought that her telling me that she agreed with the hater chick made her noble.

I was thinking in my head this b*tch is fake and phony and I wish she would leave me the heck alone. Both she and that hating chick can go kick rocks who by the way smiles in my face like nothing was ever said. Whoa!

Real women come directly to you when they have a problem they feel needs to be brought to your attention not gossip to others!

These are the types of people you never tell your business to no matter how much you want them to be your friend they are NOT.

Again, don’t be angry when the entire neighborhood knows your life story because you decided to share it with a snake.

Straight from The Heart, Patrice McCullough

Random Thoughts…

It’s difficult to not equate wealth with success in a world driven by capitalism,how much money you have in the bank,how big your house is and how fancy your car is.

No wonder so many have problems having and keeping a healthy relationship when all we think about is where our next buck is coming from and where it has to go.

That’s exactly why it’s so important to have someone willing to build with you and not take; always having their hands out begging for your hard earned money. Even if you have it does not mean you want to give it away. When you have two people who support each other in many ways especially financially it really alleviates stress.

The same dedication a person gives their employer when they have a strong work ethic should be similar when you are in a relationship with your partner.

We work hard for everything and everyone but our relationship! We become best friends with others when our best friend should be our partner. I often notice that the things a person did to win someone over stops. But you expect them to stick around and for what? You basically baited them in with what you are not and will never be.

Betrayal from the start is not good for any new blossoming love. People size you up just so they can do and say the right things to get you where they want you then BAM! People can be so phony and hardly know who they really are themselves. For some, life is a big stage where they play many characters depending on the situation. I’ve heard so many people say to me “I really thought I knew her/him”. Well, buddy you just never know what you are really dealing with all you can do is hope for the best.

Straight from The Heart, Patrice McCullough

You say “I am a gentleman” “I am a lady” BUT Are you Really?

Actions! Actions!= Proof! Proof!

Never make excuses for being a piece of sh*t.

It is what it is. Who are you trying to convince?

I can’t stand when a person makes excuses for not being a gentleman or lady.

There is no situation that should push you out of your true character; stay true to yourself!

We all fall short but don’t make it a habit…

Feeling Annoyed Today :(

I am at a point in my life that I have zero tolerance for nonsense. The things I used to ignore are indicators that there may be a mental issue with certain folks.
It doesn’t take much to get on my nerves especially when you are an adult and should know at the minimum on how to be respectful.

Some situations no matter how the other person is behaving you always take the high road it’s just not worth looking like the second donkey. Civility will keep your blood pressure down as well.

Besides, most of the time the people who annoy the heck out of you aren’t meant to be in your life anyway.

Random Thought:
No matter how much I may want to body slam a chick for talking sideways out the mouth ignoring her is just as effective even if you just don’t get the same satisfaction out of dabbling with violence.

Well, the police will place those nice silver tone bracelets on you and you will have a record follow you for the rest of your life! So, ignoring is by far the better choice praying that person doesn’t violate your space making you lose all control.

Another annoying thing is guys who are desperate and smother you with this idea that they own you. Are you kidding me? No ring and you want me to do what and not to do what? You will NEVER own me ok so move out of my way while I do me.

I am just annoyed today about everything for no particular reason…I listen to every word and read every text as if it’s the last word I will ever read or the last word I will ever hear.
I always seemed to miss so many things in the past that people said to me, you know those indicators (warning signs & red flags!) because I was caught up in the moment.

I let their actions that revealed everything I needed to know get tucked under the rug giving them a pass. How many freaking passes do you give a person?
I just can’t deal with anymore liars, phony folks, cheaters or people who are just down right inconsiderate in every way possible it makes me ill.

I am not perfect but at least I am not scum beneath the earth that goes around reeking havoc wherever I go.

False Lashes

Not everyone is born with beautiful long lashes…what a bummer!!! The downside to this new eyelash craze is that “most” of them are starting to resemble bat wings instead of long beautiful lashes. I have seen false lashes applied that looked GREAT!! However, if I see your lashes before I have a chance to focus on your face ummmm? That’s not a good look. I wear false lashes myself and pay a pretty penny to have them applied correctly and with taste.
If your tech is using the glue they use to attach tracks (weaves) to a scalp run as fast as you can!!! If you can’t afford to pay to have the lashes that are “official ” don’t opt for the ghetto bat wings. Just save your change to have lashes applied correctly or leave it alone.
Besides men really hate false lashes when they look tacky and laugh behind your back…Females too!
Michelle Obama wears false lashes do you see her lashes looking all crazy??? No! Enough said…