You should be happy nigger!

Top Executives earning OVER $200,000 cut the salaries of their employees that don’t make a fraction of what the Executives make.
How could a person with a soul do that to another person that makes peanuts in the middle of this ugly economic downturn?
Why not cut back their fat greedy paycheck? God has always made a way out of no way for me…I have made something from nothing all my life.
Having a degree and years of experience seems to have NOT delivered what my parents promised.
Being professional, well-spoken and having the ability to exceed expectations on the job means nothing in Corporate America unless you are a token nigger. Yes! I said it.
Thank goodness for Affirmative Action or I wouldn’t have a half decent job.
I am not playing the race card but it’s hard for me to accept the theory that if you work hard you will succeed when you are surrounded by egotistical, racist people who think you should be lucky to have a job.
I want to believe that we have made some progress but we haven’t in so many ways.
Black Man in the White House just made the type I mentioned above ANGRY! How dare that nigger think he can live where I live and drive the same car I drive if not better!
Our salaries dictate the area we live in and if we were paid what we are actually worth MANY would live next door to our colleagues who made above average salaries not necessarily 300K but decent salaries that allowed you to be comfy.
How can a person of a different race make more money than I do when we have the exact qualifications education included?
Something doesn’t seem right.
People talk not realizing the information they have just shared put a dagger in my spirit that once believed we all have a fair chance in this world no matter your race.
I have visited the restroom stall where I had to fight back the loud whales of my cries.
Tears rolling uncontrollably down my face asking God why is the world so stupid!
This woman told me once on the job “Patrice, you have a critical job so you have no worries of being laid off”. I replied, “Really, a critical job but my salary doesn’t reflect that.”
I realize more than ever that if I want to succeed my only option is to start a business of some sort.
There are a few ideas that linger in mind that could become profitable.
Fear keeps me from taking the plunge. Until, then I will continue to be used and abused. One day all this will become old. I will visit the stall one last time shedding tears for the last time. Being strong has no place in Corporate America when you are a Black Female unless you want to become unemployed.
It really hurts to contribute to a company and made to feel you are worthless. Stay in your place nigger, shut up, do your job and you better not ask for more money. Just keep smiling or we may think you are not happy or have a “bad attitude” when you should be happy we allow you to work with us.