What a F*ucking Loser!

This can’t be happening to me..A seeker and destroyer has come out of the darkness to find me.

Some people don’t want to see me happy sad but very true. I am happy doing well with my man and we are moving forward letting nothing come between us. Then out of the blue…
Yes, another idiot contacted me today. “No Caller ID” a million times until I finally picked up.

“We need to talk” You can’t be serious!? There is nothing to talk about but you going away and never calling me again. He says, he’s moved on that is good so why are you calling me if you have “moved on”. OHHHHHHH! It gets worse! This crazy fawker had the nerve to ask if he could see me…I don’t think so buddy…why the hell would I want to see my past?

I live in the present and loving every minute of it then he tries to come and rain on my parade…that’s a darn shame. Misery loves company. I respect my man and will never do anything to hurt him ever again not even for all the tea in China. His love is worth more than Gold to me.

I am telling you this is crazy!!…People do you dirty in the past wait it out with hopes that you will forget the horrible things they did to you.
Totally convinced that there are some really clinically insane people out here that believe they are actually normal. Why is it that some people think they can do you dirty and you are supposed to act as if nothing was done?

It’s easy to forgive but hard to forget when someone rips out a piece of your heart. The nerve of them to try and attempt to speak to you when all you want to do is forget they ever existed.
Why pour alcohol in an open wound? IF you have moved on then MOVE ON!

This means don’t come to my job, email, text nor call…MOVE ON! Leave well enough alone.
When things don’t work out it was never meant to be and be happy that they are out of your life.

What a fucking loser!!

Who Do You Love More?

We all must have standards…That goes for both Men and Women.

In this life we don’t honestly get second chances we just waste our time and hope for a better future and/or outcome.

I refuse to put my time into anything that has no return.

Fear keeps you from finding true happiness.

Most people don’t take marriage seriously and it is rather frightening. How you start a marriage is how it will end.

You settle because you don’t think you are good enough to find someone who will love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Don’t lose yourself in a relationship to the point that you neglect yourself only to find out later that the same sacrifices you made will not be reciprocated.

I know people personally; that knew their partner was cheating on them and still stayed. I don’t know if that’s being strong or weak…I don’t know if that is just stupid or they really love the other person more than they love themselves.

We all lie…but when you become an habitual liar it damages trust beyond repair. We all lie but when you lie to someone you are supposed to love that is NOT the same thing.

I really don’t know and I won’t judge them; I just can’t tolerate the same things others do because I love myself too much. Is it wrong to love yourself more?

I don’t know about you but I love myself more…

Straight from the Heart, Patrice
“You Can’t Tell Me How to Feel”

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Straight from my Heart, Patrice