Missed Opportunity

A missed opportunity is exactly that nothing more or less. When you book a flight and you miss it you can never catch that flight again. You can receive a credit or reschedule the flight you missed but you will NEVER be able to catch that plan leaving that airport because it has taken flight.

Can you radio the captain and request him to turn around to come back and allow you to board the plane? I highly doubt it unless you are the POPE or the President. Life is the exact same way…you miss out on an opportunity more than likely it will never come again.

You can’t take a rain check on so many things in life but for some reason we want to believe that the world will stop for us until we are “ready”.

Don’t Waste My Time…Thank you!

Why do most people take life for granted? Why do we allow others to hurt us and waste our time?
We get comfortable and expect things to manifest; when in fact it takes action not wishing and hoping.
If you are at a standstill long enough eventually mental dust will accumulate so you have to dust yourself off and keep it moving. Never put your life on hold for someone to “decide” that they want to be with you with no projected time frame to bounce.
Because life has a deadline you must give deadlines to yourself to achieve goals or make lifestyle changes. There is nothing wrong with telling someone that they have 60-days to get their act together or you are going to throw them out like Monday morning trash.
Anyone that feels like they have the right to waste your time playing basketball with your heart has no respect for you or your feelings.
Why can’t most people realize that life is precious and not met to gamble away as if you have 9 lives?
For some strange reason folks have in their minds that they will live FOREVER! Well, I am here to inform you that we all will expire one day that’s a FACT.
Is it morbid to talk about death? Death is a part of life and REALITY…IDK…just seems if people actually grabbed the whole death thing maybe they would take life more seriously. Who knows but it’s really annoying when someone has no problem wasting my time and it’s disgusting when I allow them to waste my time.

1 Million Thoughts…

Today my mind was all over the place. It’s like my life flashed before me!

I have never had so many thoughts rush through my mind at once in my entire life. If I knew any better those thoughts would lead me to believe that I may die any day now.

Honestly, it feels like there is a race against time for me and there is no more time to waste to not  do whatever it is that will allow me to enjoy my life…there isn’t another moment to spare.

That’s exactly what scares me not knowing when my last days here on earth will come to an end…time wasted is not a good way for me to be fulfilled knowing that my life was in vain.

Is there anything wrong with taking responsibility for your own happiness; finally realizing that you can no longer sacrifice your happiness for the sake of others every waking hour?

My soul is drained; my eyes have shed enough tears now it’s time to enjoy me. Somehow it feels like I’ve lost myself and if I don’t take time for me, love myself more and live with no regrets; I surely will die.

I will be here physically but not mentally…


Let Go!


Letting go of the past isn’t an easy task but unless you let go your life will remain at a standstill.
There will be opportunities and true love that you will miss out on because you are still living in the past.
Start off fresh without fear of history repeating itself.
The first few blows hurt may even knock you down just get up!
You must learn how to cope and bounce back no matter the circumstance.
Life will have highs and lows there’s no way around disappointment and hurt.
However, there are ways to survive even the most heart wrenching events that may occur in your life.
You have to believe that time heals all pain that may not necessarily disappear but will subside if you allow it to happen.
I have witnessed the weakest person overcome hell and the strongest person break like a twig only because they made a decision to fight for their life while the other simply gave up.
Whatever you do learn from your mistakes move on and never repeat those same mistakes.
Life is precious and we all have our moments but we can’t stay there. Seek out positive things even when your life seems to be tumbling down before your eyes. Stop wasting time doing things that don’t make you happy or being with someone that makes you miserable. Time is the most precious commodity we have that cannot be restored

Changes in You.

People tend to ask themselves why individuals change towards them or why they are suddenly treated differently.

The answer to your question is in the mirror you stand in front of every morning hardly making eye contact with the reflection to the windows to your soul that scream out you have changed!

When you realize you are repeating the same behavior/actions that lead you to the same road that results in pain time to change.

Many of our issues start within we just need to take responsibility for the role we play.

However, that change could be good allowing those who meant you no good to retreat.

That’s the whole idea …you must know when that change in you is for the best just open your eyes so you can see the big picture.

Time Waits for Nobody…

Life keeps moving never at a standstill…you have to somehow establish your own world to find yourself in this universe.
The people you surround yourself with give you a purpose more than you are willing to accept.
If you spoke and nobody heard the words coming out of your mouth leaving you feeling totally ignored you would go insane.
What makes us matter in this world? What is our purpose? Do we actually have a purpose?
We haven’t much time to waste being angry and evil towards each other over nonsense otherwise you waste precious time that could be used in a more positive way.
Give more hugs share your smile and don’t be afraid to tell people you care about them.
There’s nothing worse than feeling alone and like nobody loves you. We all need to be told that we are loved and matter.

Bad Luck or Bad Attitude?

I have the luck of the Irish more often than not.
My attitude towards my daily obstacles allow me to rise above those hurdles.
Instead of becoming frustrated my proactive mindset takes over immediately.
“Attitude is Everything”
I must admit there are days I want to scream “why me!?
But I realize that will never be revealed to me.
Instead I ask myself “what can I do to get out of this pickle?”

Who Made You Angry?!

Redirected anger is like a cancer that eats away at the very core of your happiness. Find out the root of the problem and stop being angry with the world. When you find yourself frowning more than smiling you have to figure things out fast. I understand that just because you aren’t smiling doesn’t mean you are miserable. But when your heart is filled with joy you have no control over that smile reflex!

It becomes an illness when you constantly lash out towards individuals who never meant you any harm. ~Patrice


Never let the fear of failure stop you from living your dreams. I have been guilty of allowing fear control my destiny on numerous occasions but not anymore!
I will meet failure when it arrives never opening the door to allow it in my life.
Opportunity is failure turned inside out. You have a chance to try again and again perfecting your approach until you get it right.
Failure isn’t as bad as it seems so keep it moving you can’t win all the time just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the world.
“You win some, you lose some” but you decide what you want to win.
Life would be boring and not worth the effort if you never had challenges!

Move On Already!

If we spend our life having sex hoping for something to materialize with people from our past we will never find the love that the future holds for us.

Once time has passed you can’t hit the reverse button for a reason. We seem to forget why it never worked then we try again and again.

Time is a valuable commodity that you can’t purchase off of a shelf in the store. Why is it that we go through life as if we have eternity to screw up?

Because we believe that time is moving slow enough giving us more wiggle room…that’s so far from the truth we haven’t a moment to spare!