When we have concerns about things in life that seem to follow us everywhere we go that is a sign that you must start to look within.

We always want to point fingers and pass the blame on “external” factors never focusing on the “internal”factors that are the result of an unhappy lonely life.

Regardless of what you may believe; you do not know everything or all the answers to life itself.

You must be open and receptive to learn and understand more than one side of any situation. While having a discussion with someone and you constantly hear yourself saying “Well, no it’s not just that” “No, you don’t understand what I am saying” you are showing the other person that you have all the answers so why bother speaking to them?

You are also saying that they are not capable of comprehending what you told them which is an outright insult. You want other’s input but when you are given it you reject it.

Learn to listen more even when a person makes no sense to you at all…If you listen long enough you will begin to “understand” even when you do not “accept” what they are communicating to you.

Never reject what is being communicated to you without at the very least processing what you are hearing. The person you think is less intelligent than you are can teach you few things as well.