Whisper your deepest secrets to heaven…

I wonder what makes a person think about how to harm you 24/7. Sometimes your secrets should be whispered to the heavens…not told to a false friend.
Seekers and destroyers spend nearly 85% of their day with you on their mind. I truly believe that hate is admiration turned inside out.
The scary part is people will befriend you just to get close enough to learn your deepest secrets to ultimately use what you’ve told them against you later. A person that takes your secrets to the grave no matter if you are on good terms or not is person with integrity.
When you trust someone enough to share you secrets with; the secrets that caused you pain in the past for them to later throw it in your face stings your soul.
It’s like pouring rubbing alcohol in a fresh wound. Be careful who you share your bedroom secrets with…The next thing you know they will end up in the bed with your man/woman which means they weren’t for you anyway.
Anyone who is relentless at trying to make your life miserable really has a rotten soul…The funny thing about it all is that no matter what they do in time it won’t matter anyway.
We live and we learn…just make sure you actually LEARN from your mistakes. Trusting is something that is hard to do once you have been burned a few times; but we must never let it make us not ever trust anyone again. Just be more selective on what you share with others.
Whisper your deepest secrets to heaven it’s safer that way 🙂