I am Leaving You…huh?

Who exactly invented divorce? If the concept of having the “option” to leave your husband or wife never existed do you believe it would be natural to reverse what you once thought was the best thing ever? People get married for many reasons but mostly love right ?
I don’t think so buddy, at least not anymore. Good sex, security and financial gain is on top of the list. You got married for love? Ok, great not gonna debate that however that does not apply to everyone.
Let’s say Sean and Lisa got married for love but decided love didn’t live in their house anymore. Fine! People fall out of love but why? They simply forget the reason they fell in love in the first freaking place and get lazy with working on the relationship side of the marriage. Another issue is they bring others into the equation which screws things up in a major way (huge diversion). Oh my! Let’s not forget about telling people about your marital problems and receiving the worst advice ever!!!! Unless, your spouse is using you for a boxing bag or is verbally abusive, work your problems out amongst the TWO of you. The only other person you should involve is a marriage counselor or use whatever your religious system is to reinforce the vows you took. It’s a jungle out here so if you have a decent thing going better hold on to it. Only you know what’s best. Besides, if your spouse turns out to be a complete idiot when things get rough they pretty much were an idiot before you got married…hmmmm? That’s another post.