Should He Pay the Bill $$

You decide to have dinner with this guy who insists on taking you on a date. Once you two finish your meal the check comes. Should you offer to pay the bill? If you think because he asked you out he should automatically pay that’s the wrong attitude because he owes you nothing. You both had a meal and shared conversation. Dude, she owes you nothing either if you pay the bill. Ok, my best advice for the woman is to make sure you never go on a date without enough money to actually pay the bill and make sure you have cab money. I always drove my car and met at the place for safety reasons. Alright, if you really like the guy and plan to see him again at least offer to pay the bill. If your date refuses your attempt (hurray!) you leave the tip no matter what he says besides the waiter wins. The guy may fall in love with the fact you offered knowing you weren’t just looking for a free meal. Believe it or not, some guys love it when women offer to take them out and foot the bill. Don’t make this more complicated then it is since the first date should be fun. But remember the first date determines many things! I could be wrong but knowing someone is willing to go 50/50 would be a huge deciding factor. Everybody wants a free ride and it’s not fair to assume every guy has loads of cash willing to spoil you. His future could be bright you never know! So, with that being said be flexible, fair and have fun.