The Shoes I Wear…

My closet holds tons of shoes.

Most of my shoes look beautiful on my feet but some are very painful.

The shoes I wear may look great on the outside but the sole is worn so thin on the bottom that with every step there is a rock piercing through the ball of my feet.

They may look pretty on the outside but at the end of the day when I come home my feet are in so much pain.

I am the only one walking in those shoes…

Walking down the street people say “Hey, girl those shoes are bad to the bone, I want some just like those” If they only knew no matter what size you buy ½ size bigger or the perfect fit they hurt no matter how nice they look.

This particular pair of shoes looks good on the outside and every female wants a pair when she sees them. Let me tell you this…they hurt so much that I had to retire this one pair of shoes that all the girls flocked to.