I sincerely apologize if my post “Take a Seat” offended anyone.
Lord knows my intention is not to offend anyone. I have over 160 posts, are you serious?
Some folks are always looking for a fight.

My posts are not directed towards anyone in particular since I have no idea who is actually reading my blog.

This is an open forum in which I should not have to walk on egg shells when posting my personal thoughts and feelings that have nothing to do with any of you who are “offended’ by my personal feelings.

Please whatever you do don’t take anything “personal” when it’s not about you. This blog is about MY life alone. I am able to answer and give some sound advice on things that I have “personally experienced”.

I write about what others are afraid to share fearing the backlash or negative responses that most will have. All advice that my followers left under 5 Years No Ring WTF? were welcomed and some were not…So indeed some folks needed to back off in some cases.

You can either be NEGATIVE or POSITVE while reading my blog…take the higher road. My blog is not for overly sensitive people who always think someone is attacking them on a personal level.

You all have no idea how many comments that are ugly received that never hit my page for you to see.

The one thing I will not allow on my blog is outright disrespect. Hurting people or toying with their emotions isn’t my thing either.

You speak your peace and respect my decision. Don’t indirectly refer to me as being stupid or not realizing when I have a good thing in my life.


I am just not afraid to share the mistakes I’ve made with hopes someone else won’t do the exact thing!

That’s a sacrifice that I’ve chosen to make…