“Angry Black Woman” Nope Not At All, Just Be Fair OK!

This guy who is preparing my food will not look at me while I am trying to explain how I want my food prepared.

 He appears to be annoyed and tunes me out BUT aren’t I paying for that? My voice travels and I am far from being considered soft spoken but he continues to ignore me. OK! Maybe he was daydreaming who cares! I am the customer pay attention…is that being a tad bit demanding? Gee whiz! Body language and vibes is something that I have the ability to read and feel the vibrations very well.

 He was having a bad day and did not feel like being nice to me period…so why not stay home? Bills to pay right I get it but the business suffers if I decide to not return. Who else is he kicking this negative crap to?

 In the end, he comes back and asks “What is it that you want on your bagel?” I wanted to say, “If you were listening to me the first time you would know but you chose to ignore me instead.” 

Oh no! I dare not say that then I would be labeled “The Angry Black Woman”. Besides repeating what I wanted requires less energy. You never know who is watching so keeping my cool is a must.  

 With each day I have to practice great care which requires me to walk on eggshells that I swore would never happen. One thing for certain, it sure isn’t easy being not only a woman in today’s society but top that off with being Black and you have double the problems.

 Indeed we have many rights that were not available however we also have folks who have the same mindset as those that lived in the 50’s. 

I have personally experienced racism and being stereotyped on a daily basis and it’s rather exhausting to say the least. Every day, it seems my buttons are pushed to get a rise out of me that is truly expected based on my ethnicity. “Ok, Patrice it’s time to prove them all wrong based on your actions or response.” I will admit sometimes I just say fug it and go HAM on whoever crosses me wrong that day that sadly makes me feel kind of good for a few seconds…then I am holding my head down in shame.

 Never let anyone take you out of character young lady no matter what the situation is! That is a hard rule to follow….