No Love Lost

I realize now more than ever that time will not wait for me. There are some decisions that I must make or live to regret being stagnant for the rest of my life.

I am blessed to have my two beautiful daughters who are decent, intelligent human beings that give me a reason to live.

There are some people who are happy just wasting time procrastinating on making things happen that need to be left behind.

I haven’t made huge sacrifices for a man except for my children and never will. However, I have lowered my standards to give a Man an excuse to remain in my life and it’s something I am not proud of at all.

My future is right in front of me and I see it so clearly and it shows me standing alone tall and proud on a mountain of success with God by my side. The burden on my heart is telling me that time is needed to be alone in order to accomplish what is planned for me.

Having a person to just exist in my life is not good enough for me anymore. We both need to be goal oriented and building together. Don’t watch me as I climb the ladder of success grab a ladder and climb alongside with me.

Love alone in this world today will not help a relationship survive.

Baby Daddy & Mommy Issues

I have noticed over the years and from personal experience that some people let another person dictate the type of relationship they have with their kids.

 Why would you want to be with a person that denies your child or worse they encourage you to be a dead beat parent? How can you look at yourself in the mirror you evil vindictive witch!

 I will say this, call it what you want but you are a piece of garbage and God will take care of you in the worse way for hurting that child by not being present. However, if you are a danger to the child, plan to not be consistent with your presence causing a negative impact on the child’s life it’s better to stay away from the child. That’s between you and God.

 Lastly, for the ladies who use a child for revenge by not allowing the Father to see his child because he no longer desires to be with you are scum beneath the earth. Stop making excuses because in the end the child suffers.

 I totally understand that sometimes the Father may not be financially supportive purposely or just simply may not have a job etc. BUT if he is willing to be a positive force in the child’s life giving them love don’t deny him the presence of his child. Once the child is here it’s no longer just about how you feel.