Sex Can Wait

As you get older you grow tired of the games guys play just to get in your pants. Dating can be scary besides who wants to kiss someone with herpes?
You just want someone that is honest and will wait for you no matter how long it takes (within reason of course!) and not rush you into sex. Waiting for STD Panel and HIV results isn’t a bad idea and not intrusive when you are putting your clean bill of health at risk.
I wish it were as simple as wearing a condom but it’s not.
If a person really adores you they would never bring up sex in conversations because they are really that into you!
Don’t get me wrong they want to jump your bones and that’s natural but it’s not a priority like it is to MOST. Women want to give themselves but when they feel the time is right.
We may even participate in the sexual conversation etc. while in the back of our minds we are thinking it’s not even two weeks and this dude is talking about having sex with me.
Maybe when they start selling canned hello kitty on the shelves they will calm down because its really unbecoming to appear as being THIRSTY!
I will admit having sex too early in the game has resulted in major disappointment afterwards. It’s like the blinders are off and you can finally see the real person not the person they pretended to be in order to conquer you.
I just really believe no matter how Horney or attracted you are to a person holding out for a while is best in the end.
Sex clouds your ability to make rational decisions especially when the sex is awesome!
Find out if you actually like the person at the very least minus your over active hormones.
Time will not reveal all but waiting will give you a pretty good idea of what you are dealing with.
You simply need more than sex to build a foundation that will lead to a beautiful long lasting relationship.
Things won’t always be perfect but knowing you are friends will allow you to resolve just about any issue.
It’s just so risky in many ways that you need to protect yourself in all areas.

Love 4 Rent

I love you is so easy to say but you know it’s true love when you are shown through actions.
A thousand I love you’s mean nothing when you can look into a persons eyes and feel the love when they hold your hand.
When they show a genuine concern about you and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. A person that respects love and your time will make you their wife and it won’t take several years.
Time is life’s most valuable commodity and your heart isn’t a playground.
Love has no excuses with one foot in the door and the other in position to walk out the door. Love does not have you pretending to be the wife of a man who will never marry you.
Never be despearate to be marrried just know deep in your heart that its the right thing to do or maybe you shouldn’t be with that person.
I just figure that if you waste your time with a person who does not want to be your one and only you could be missing out on your future husband waiting out there for you.
Kinda like baking a cake but the oven doesn’t work.

Why Are People Still Stinking?

There are far too many products if soap and water isn’t working for you to eliminate body odors. However, you should never appply perfumes etc. without first using soap and water.

If your feet stink you need to soak them in some bleach water with suds. There are some people who think when you shower and take a bath that you don’t need to wash and scrub between your toes and/or wash your entire foot.

Just letting the water hit them is NOT enough. You also have to clean under your toe nail and keep them trimmed nicely no need to have claws.

Now, if I can smell your feet through your shoes or your vagina through your pants you think that’s ok? Funny, how we can identify funk and the body part the stench is coming from on a person BUT sometimes there is a mixture that it confuses the hell out of you that’s when it’s just STANK! Foot, ARSE & Hello Kitty stinking at once you need to go kill yourself!

I understand that we may eat certain foods (garlic) that may contribute to stinky breath…ok but what if you aren’t eating garlic and onions? You could be a walking garbage can and not even know it…what you eat(meat and bad diet) can make your breath a living nightmare! The aroma could be coming from your insides through your mouth…eat veggies drink water and make sure you are deficating 2-3 times a day.

Nobody wants to talk about these issues and find it gross but you know what’s really gross? You walking around stinking from head to toe!!!!

Stinky weaves and braids are NOT cute you stupid hiefer! Wash your hair, brush and floss your teeth, take showers and baths EVERYDAY no skipping…This goes for GUYS too! Soak your jewels just as well as ladies who should soak that hello kitty…no excuses please.

If you find that soap and water does not do the the trick visit a doctor to get to the root of the problem. That is all for today.

Move On Already!

If we spend our life having sex hoping for something to materialize with people from our past we will never find the love that the future holds for us.

Once time has passed you can’t hit the reverse button for a reason. We seem to forget why it never worked then we try again and again.

Time is a valuable commodity that you can’t purchase off of a shelf in the store. Why is it that we go through life as if we have eternity to screw up?

Because we believe that time is moving slow enough giving us more wiggle room…that’s so far from the truth we haven’t a moment to spare!

Facebook=Meat Market

Anything is possible in this day of vast technology however don’t look for love on Face Book. There are some who actually found love here but that is rare or a figment of your imagination. Somehow both men and women have turned this wonderful social networking site into a “meat market”. If you are shopping for sex on here you have some major issues!

 The ratio for men to women is already awful and FB made it even worse. Now folks can go nationwide being the best whore or dog they can possibly be. They just keep going down their list of friends they hand picked as possible candidates until one says YES! This goes for both men and women don’t be a victim. People hide behind these computer screens and pretend to be whomever they believe will accept them.

 Just be careful because in actuality FB has ruined many lives and broken up marriages.

I am Leaving You…huh?

Who exactly invented divorce? If the concept of having the “option” to leave your husband or wife never existed do you believe it would be natural to reverse what you once thought was the best thing ever? People get married for many reasons but mostly love right ?
I don’t think so buddy, at least not anymore. Good sex, security and financial gain is on top of the list. You got married for love? Ok, great not gonna debate that however that does not apply to everyone.
Let’s say Sean and Lisa got married for love but decided love didn’t live in their house anymore. Fine! People fall out of love but why? They simply forget the reason they fell in love in the first freaking place and get lazy with working on the relationship side of the marriage. Another issue is they bring others into the equation which screws things up in a major way (huge diversion). Oh my! Let’s not forget about telling people about your marital problems and receiving the worst advice ever!!!! Unless, your spouse is using you for a boxing bag or is verbally abusive, work your problems out amongst the TWO of you. The only other person you should involve is a marriage counselor or use whatever your religious system is to reinforce the vows you took. It’s a jungle out here so if you have a decent thing going better hold on to it. Only you know what’s best. Besides, if your spouse turns out to be a complete idiot when things get rough they pretty much were an idiot before you got married…hmmmm? That’s another post.

They Used Me!

We all are guilty of allowing ourselves to be used. What amuses me is we get angry at the person we allowed to use us when we finally realize we have been manipulated in the worst way. We are aware of the intent from the other person but are we expecting them to reciprocate? That’s where the problem begins! If you decide to help someone or give them your heart don’t expect the same in return because that’s a choice you made. Be angry with yourself especially if you never told them how you felt, what you wanted in return or whether they were on the same page. If they don’t feel the same as you or at least see a future with you do not waste your time. You are not a cat therefore you do not have nine lives.

Busy Body or Not Interested?

I don’t care how busy a person is if they want to make time for you they simply will.  I recall attending school part-time, working a part-time gig and holding down a full time job. To make matters even more complicated I had an exciting social life! When it came time to me calling my honey the one I cared about the most with out any doubt I made time to pick up that phone to show him love.  I would lose sleep to spend some quality time with my sugar plum because he meant that much to me. There was no time for cheating or having a line up during the most hectic time of my life. Because I know first hand what it  meant to be crazy busy out of  your mind that I hardly got 4 hours of sleep; is why I REFUSE to believe that a person is too busy to pick up that dang phone, fawk a text!

My belief is, if they aren’t  talking to you throughout the course of the day they sure as heck are talking to somebody! It may be Todd or Tiffany but it’s someone. It really aggravates me when a man I am involved with tells me he was to0 busy to call me. What he really meant was, you are not  important enough for me to make time to call you…Yep!  My first question is did you make time to take a leak today?  For sure he made time to eye some chick walking pass in a short skirt. Well, let’s just say that’s some piss poor as excuse.

Cell phones are portable and you can easily find a quiet corner to call the one you love or care about. It only takes a few more seconds to say “Hey babe just wanted to let you I was thinking of you!”  When someone is on your mind you are compelled to call them.  I will admit there were some days I ran around like a run away slave and didn’t have time to come up for air. Crazy days are to be expected but not every damn day or else you need to revamp your life to prevent having a stroke. Isn’t it funny how everyone calls you especially folks you wish would stop calling? The main person you want to call just will not dial your number because they are too busy and you have to understand and be patient? No! I will not…On to the next is my motto 😉

In short, no one is that busy that they can’t call you if you mean anything to them. Funny how they can find time to call you when they want to jump in those sheets huh?  One would think they would be too exhausted after having such a demanding day so how do they have enough energy for screwing?  Of course, they have time to finish screwing you around they’ve been doing it all day.

Need more input on this topic pick up the national best seller “He’s Really Not that In to You” it’s something you already know but some of us have to see it in I black and white, go figure???


Should He Pay the Bill $$

You decide to have dinner with this guy who insists on taking you on a date. Once you two finish your meal the check comes. Should you offer to pay the bill? If you think because he asked you out he should automatically pay that’s the wrong attitude because he owes you nothing. You both had a meal and shared conversation. Dude, she owes you nothing either if you pay the bill. Ok, my best advice for the woman is to make sure you never go on a date without enough money to actually pay the bill and make sure you have cab money. I always drove my car and met at the place for safety reasons. Alright, if you really like the guy and plan to see him again at least offer to pay the bill. If your date refuses your attempt (hurray!) you leave the tip no matter what he says besides the waiter wins. The guy may fall in love with the fact you offered knowing you weren’t just looking for a free meal. Believe it or not, some guys love it when women offer to take them out and foot the bill. Don’t make this more complicated then it is since the first date should be fun. But remember the first date determines many things! I could be wrong but knowing someone is willing to go 50/50 would be a huge deciding factor. Everybody wants a free ride and it’s not fair to assume every guy has loads of cash willing to spoil you. His future could be bright you never know! So, with that being said be flexible, fair and have fun.

Slow Cook or Microwave?

I meet lots of people with hopes that our connection will lead to a business networking opportunity.

To my dismay, the men are looking to throw me in the microwave for 3 seconds and devour me but I prefer to be slow cooked.

Dating has turned into a conquer and destroy game that can be pretty scary. Slow down partner not every woman is desperate.

If I just met you, why would you invite me to your house in less than 24 hours? Since when did prostitutes start wearing business suits? Ok, I get it you have too much to lose so you won’t rape me. Well, if I willingly come to your home, have dinner and a glass of wine rape may be hard to prove. Besides you didn’t punch me in the face and drag me in your home by my hair.

I completely understand that sluts come from all backgrounds and there are many undercover freaks but that type of behavior is reserved for my man only.

We exchanged business cards does that have to mean I want to have sex with you?