You Were Smaller When We First Met!

How do you tell your partner “You have gotten too fat”? They usually know they have gained way too much weight and have either accepted it or become depressed so tread lightly.

Instead, you ask them to work out with you at the gym. Better yet take long walks with the love of your life. Long walks are a good way to spend quality time together. Get a cook book on how to prepare heather meals.

If a trainer fits your budget, hire one that will train you as a couple. The last thing you want is for your partner to become unattached to you because of excess weight gain. But if they met you already juicy and plump then you shouldn’t have any issues.

If your health becomes affected as a result of your weight then you have an entire different issue.
I never imagined in my life that my weight would be an issue and it is a battle every day.

Men usually have no issues with my new-found plumpness but I do!

I think before I eat, try to be consistent in the gym and refuse to buy larger clothes.
The stair master is a huge challenge but I feel accomplished after 15 minutes on that beast of a machine. My goal is work out for 30 minutes on the stair master and I am half way there!
Doesn’t matter if I ever lose another inch what matter is my HEALTH.

straight from the Heart, Patrice McCullough


I will admit there have been times being Black was embarrassing. The metro rides with the young kids shouting obscenities at each other and screaming at the white folks on the train made me want to kick all them in the buttocks until my foot came through their mouths!
If I spoke up would it have helped? No indeed, they would have all jumped on me and beat me to a pulp. Flip side of that, say I whipped their a** then charges as they are under age, would hunt me forever!
It gets worse, no matter how awful the heathens behave the parents will defend them!
I consider myself pretty tough BUT even I am afraid of my own people sometimes. I can only imagine how other races feel. I bite my tongue and pray that others will not categorize all of us because we are not all the same. You would think others would know this but racism still exist and stereotypes. Honestly, when you shout or even think in your mind “I hate n*ggers!” We do the same thing with as much conviction. But guess what ? N*ggers come in all colors!!!!
It’s not appearance it’s behavior.