Power ~vs~ Powerless

Sometimes I believe that you can overthink not just situations but LIFE itself…Here comes the worry monster and it just gobbles up all your happiness.

Lately, I have also noticed that people in general focus on the things they have absolutely no power over more often than not.

The things we can change we neglect to actually take action with procrastination being the devil…instead we focus on things that have already happened that we can’t reverse rather than the things we have the power to change.

I am totally guilty of worrying about things that will be no matter how much I may wish or hope it away.

My focus is being proactive not reactive to LIFE…this is easier said than done without a doubt.
Naturally, there are some situations that will only allow you to be reactive but this only means you weren’t proactive.

If someone slaps you in the face more than likely you saw it coming but instead of removing yourself from harm’s way (proactive) you stay and get slapped therefore you return the favor (reactive).
Life is the same way…but we chose to put the blinders on then look at adversity like a deer’s eyes illuminated by blinding headlights.

None of us have a crystal ball to help us along the way however there are red flags and major indicators that we overlook because we don’t want to accept the possible outcome.
Instead of dwelling on things we can’t change let’s focus on what’s next and the things we can change!

You will soon find that your stress level will be almost non-existent….Life is too short to get stuck in a rut we have to keep it moving. People will not only see “happy” on your face they will smell it a mile away and hate you for it….because they too want to be happy just like you!

Missed Opportunity

A missed opportunity is exactly that nothing more or less. When you book a flight and you miss it you can never catch that flight again. You can receive a credit or reschedule the flight you missed but you will NEVER be able to catch that plan leaving that airport because it has taken flight.

Can you radio the captain and request him to turn around to come back and allow you to board the plane? I highly doubt it unless you are the POPE or the President. Life is the exact same way…you miss out on an opportunity more than likely it will never come again.

You can’t take a rain check on so many things in life but for some reason we want to believe that the world will stop for us until we are “ready”.

No Love Lost

I realize now more than ever that time will not wait for me. There are some decisions that I must make or live to regret being stagnant for the rest of my life.

I am blessed to have my two beautiful daughters who are decent, intelligent human beings that give me a reason to live.

There are some people who are happy just wasting time procrastinating on making things happen that need to be left behind.

I haven’t made huge sacrifices for a man except for my children and never will. However, I have lowered my standards to give a Man an excuse to remain in my life and it’s something I am not proud of at all.

My future is right in front of me and I see it so clearly and it shows me standing alone tall and proud on a mountain of success with God by my side. The burden on my heart is telling me that time is needed to be alone in order to accomplish what is planned for me.

Having a person to just exist in my life is not good enough for me anymore. We both need to be goal oriented and building together. Don’t watch me as I climb the ladder of success grab a ladder and climb alongside with me.

Love alone in this world today will not help a relationship survive.

Fear? Who Me?

I believed that being afraid was never an option for me. Well,  good horror movies scare the heck out of me . 

Finally, I came to the conclusion that being a straight up punk, coward or whatever you call a person that allows themselves to be their worst enemy when it comes to attempting success is exactly who I am.

 Being afraid to fail is a huge obstacle for me and why should I care whose watching? Well, I care since people are the worst critics when you try and fail miserably. Developing a tough skin and an attitude that oozes I don’t give a rats arse what anyone thinks may give me enough cohunes to move forward. Ha!

 Frankly, the mere fact that my existence here on earth isn’t forever should be enough fuel to get me going eliminating all fear. However, it seems that ruining your credibility is a far more easily attained then building a positive reputation. It’s sort of like your credit score which takes days to trash to hell and years to rebuild.

 Fear is surely wrapped up tightly with procrastination which is the devil himself! If only I just dug in and took a chance rather than choosing to wait until the timing was right. Oh my!  The waiting game, shame on me, the biggest fluke ever like, when is the PERFECT time? However, there are some situations like wanting to make someone your girlfriend when she’s married where timing is of essence.  Divorce should occur first but who does that nowadays they just jump in the sheets.

 We are more willing to move forward with self-destructive actions and become an utter success. The time and energy we put into silly things that end up causing devastation to ourselves and others could be easily redirected towards more enlightening and positive quests. Oh well, human nature is a bust.