Goodbye #2016 Hello #2017

Christmas is about love and family not “What did you get me?” Oh! and the FOOD!!

It’s the thought that matters when someone gives you a gift not the value of the gift.

This year has been a VERY challenging and almost whooped my butt.

If it weren’t for my FAITh, my husband, parents and sisters… I never would have survived.

Reggie is my male BFF and he loves me no matter how strange and imperfect I am. Thanks Bro!
John who believed in me and gave me an opportunity to actually utilize my degree!
These two guys are God sent and I love them dearly…I am honored to be part of their life.

If only they knew how much they both have touched my life and made me feel like I REALLy matter in this enormous universe with no ill intent…

I promise to approach life situations more carfully and with more thought before acting.

I am always under a microscope and people misjudge me all the time! Instead of assuming it’s far better to ask…you never know what is on a persons mind or what life challenges they are facing.

I’ve learned many moons ago to accept that I can’t change how others see me.
Instead I will continue to look for the good in everything and everyone that I encounter while keeping things in perspective.

I am always in deep thought reflecting on how I could have done things differently. The fact of the matter is that my life is already written. The decisions made will either Keep me on course or veer me off my path.

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