Sometimes the things in our past haunt our future.
I’ve realized that we are allowed to make mistakes even when we aren’t aware that we actually made a mistake.
Consider bad choices as a learning experience and never beat yourself up over it.
People who lash out and try to use your past against you have rotten dead souls.
Pray for them and don’t allow them to make you bitter or angry.
Your past is exactly that your past!
If someone takes time to study you enough and go digging for things they are working side by side with the devil.
You won’t win; you are a target…it’s a demonic war.
Choose your battles wisely and allow the higher power to deal with evil; hateful vindictive persons that want to cause your harm.

11 thoughts on “Evil

  1. Blogger I messed up bad. I need some advice I’m with a lady in early 40’s we have been together for a few years and she is having our kid. But here is the twist I’m gay and I want to be with my gay lover. The baby is due in two weeks what’s your advice? Should I not tell her anything and just leave while she’s in the hospital having the baby?


    • Raymond,

      I am not here to judge you or anyone else. However; I hope to God that you used protection with the man since it’s obvious you didn’t with the woman since she’s now with child. The child will suffer the MOST.

      You are bi-sexual and obviously have interest in women as well as men unless this has recently changed. Your comment states that you were with her for a few years.
      Where you always bi-sexual and decided to strictly be with men most recently?

      Raymond—this is a tough call…I am lost for words at this point my mind is racing all over the place. The first thing that came to mind was HIV/AIDS and this woman who is giving birth to a newborn child by a man who says he is now gay.

      This is more than my blog can handle let alone little old me. YOU must do what you “Believe” is best.

      Put yourself in her position and really think hard about it.

      How would you like someone to handle this dilemma if your woman decided she wanted to be or was gay the entire time but pregnant with your child and wanted to leave you?

      Would you want her to tell you why she was leaving or just let her take the child and disappear? REVESE the roles…I always say treat people how you want to be treated. Besides you know her mental state or how strong she is…this woman is about to have a newborn child this could be extremely hard for her to accept….

      There are things in life that only you can decide on…I know you are afraid but you MUST decide whether you should tell her EVERYTHING on your own.

      Straight from The Heart, Patrice


      • I will admit I’ve been bi sexual before I met her. But we because so close and next thing you know we were living together. I went to this club call park and that’s when I met my current lover and realize I wanted to be with a man instead of a women. What really has gotten me going crazy and want to tell her I am HIV positive. I just found out two weeks ago 😦 my friends have all told me to leave and don’t tell her change my number and all but she is having my daughter. Please don’t judge me. Any advice now or you need more info?


      • Raymond,

        I am not judging you and in my heart I know you didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

        However, it has happened so you need to step up and do what’s right. If you were so close to her why didn’t you at the very least tell her in the begining? Did you not care about her enough to protect her?

        You are well beyond that point so now it’s time to put on your big boy pants…

        This is a REALLY serious matter. I don’t know who your friends are but you need to find a new group of friends. The worst thing you can do is not tell her if you KNOW you are HIV Positive. You can go to JAIL for attempeted murder of an unborn child and the mother.
        HIV is not a death sentence if it’s treated in the early stages.

        PLEASE you must tell her for the sake of her LIFE and the unborn child’s LIFE.
        Make sure she has someone close to her (Family) for support and possibly care for the child just in case she breaks down.

        Please make sure she is not alone with the baby once you decide to tell her…PLEASE make sure she is NOT alone.
        I don’t need anymore information you have provided enough.

        You may want to call her instead of being physcially present while telling her this awful news. It may not be safe for you because this type of news will anger someone to the point of violence.

        Raymond I am not angry with you nor think you are a bad person…you just made a major mistake that changed your life, hers and the uborn child. No matter what the situation is you are still the father of that child. I am not sure what will happend down the road but you need to start by informing her.
        You are in my prayers along with the child and the mother.

        Straight from My Heart, Patrice


      • Hello,

        I Must admit that this is an unfortunate dilemma…… What I first want to say is this…. We must always consider how our actions, the things we say, the things we do can or will affect others….. My first thought is about this innocent unborn child whom will soon be born into this situation that they have no control over……They did not ask to be brought into this dilemma, and you have a soon to be mother who is going to be in a mental state that is unpredictable. Again the word comes up of Consequences of the things we say or do.. We as people in general have to Stop thinking about the right now, and think about how things can and will effect a situation in the long run.I am not judging you in anyway shape or form, but I do question if you were bi-sexual all time. and if that was the case I think it would have been fair for you tell her that you were bi-sexual when it came to fruition that you were going to be in a Monogamous Relationship with her. Now if that’s not the case and throughout the relationship you developed a curiosity…. still in all honesty you should have had a conversation with her explaining your feelings….. In truthfulness your actions displays selfishness… Now you may question as to why this is my OPINION…..This is my Opinion because…1. You have not been forth coming in the 3 years you all have been together.2. Your actions will affect the lives of 2 people,1 of whom you could have given her the adjudication if this was something that she was willing to accept or tolerate.3. I think the MAIN THING is when you do inform her, she will be in an EXTREMELY DELICATE POSITION.. She’s going to be concerned about her health, your unborn childs’ health. She’s probably going to ? her self worth and what DID SHE DO WRONG….. Being able to trust anyone regarding this situation for FEAR OF WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO THINK AND SAY ABOUT HER and YOU….4. There are just so many unfortunate factors to consider and you MUST consider them because she DESERVES TO BE TOLD THE TRUTH….. And You also deserve to be HONEST WITH YOURSELF….My suggestion to you is when you do divulge this Life Changing News to her that you do it with someone you both can truly confide in…… She is GOING TO NEED A LOT!!!!! OF EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.My Prayers are with you all as you face this situation……… I Pray for Good Health and Mental Stability to all parties involved to find The Strength to Handle This….


      • Thank you for such wonderful feedback. I hope that the young man takes all things into consideration before he decides what is best. I can only imagine what he is going through…He made a choice and I know in my heart he really didn’t want to hurt anyone.


  2. Thanks I’m going to tell her. I’m going to wait until after she have the baby. It’s going to hurt but I have too. There are a lot of men out here that are living that double life it’s wrong so I’m going to correct mines and tell her.


    • Thank you for doing what’s right. Please make sure she has someone with her to care for the baby that’s very important.
      She needs to know that you infected her to get treatment and not spread it.
      Raymond I know there are many men living a double life and it’s scary.


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