So You Think You Are Cute with A Phat Butt

A puppy is cute and so are some clothes. A big butt will only get you but so far with a man after he is bored with what is so easily available at any given moment.

You can shake a bush and dozens of cute fat butt females will fall out. I get so sick of hearing woman say things like… “My sex is the bomb”, “I look better than her”, “She can’t compete with me”, or the worst, “I am cute!” Dummy you are not all that cute and your butt is probably sloppy with dimples in it.

Stop trying to trap a man with what’s in between your legs and try using intellect instead. Sex and beauty isn’t hard to find at all…so please stop thinking you can’t be replaced.

“He will be back”…LOL of course he will you idiot…what man won’t turn down free easy sex?

Don’t flatter yourself bimbo. You may be very attractive and have a fantastic body but that’s about all he may be interested in.

Try to be unique and most importantly be yourself…sex will not keep a man nor keep him loyal…unless you have something else that will keep his attention.

Most men would rather be with a woman that is real, makes him laugh and can really relate to him over a bird brain always throwing sex in his face chick. #checkmate!

5 thoughts on “So You Think You Are Cute with A Phat Butt

  1. You’re just awesome! However, allow me to raise an objection. Where are the men who are interested in a real woman? You know that game where the frogs pop out of the hole and you whack them with a plastic hammer? I feel that’s all I’ve been doing.


  2. This is true, but I’ll turn it down!!! The risk is too great to be messing around and getting caught up with people men or woman who don’t respect you or for that matter themselves!!! That big butt might be nice to look at for the moment, but if you let it, it will take you farther than you want to go and keep you longer than you want to be!!! They say that about something else too…sin!!!


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