Things Are Not Always As They Seem

I can’t tell you enough how important it is to communicate! Hello, I can’t hear you! Nope, they are not mind readers, open your mouth.

Ask questions, without accusing someone of something that you really are not certain took place.

I’ve seen people break up over their mate being seen in public hugging and kissing their cousin or someone that they never had romantic relations with but are important to them.

We must never forget that people have lives before they meet us. Sorry to tell you this but you are not the only important person either. Jealously is such a turn off…They are with you so why are you concerned about everything and everybody else?

Give people room to breathe, which means you can also give them enough rope to hang themselves. Chill out, don’t be a serial text butthole or blow their phone up because you think they are with someone else. So what if they are? What can you do about it?

Assume like an a*!hole, deal with it, or focus on the two of you when together like there’s no-one else in the world. A person will decide to be with you if and when they want to.  When you push them away with jealously- you pretty much shoved them into someone else’s arms.

Stop imagining things, date other people if you need to! Stop making yourself readily available to someone who doesn’t do the same for you. When you are bored your imagination starts to run wild. “I know he/she is with someone else”, when they are actually knocked out cold sleep from a hard day’s work. But you keep texting and calling like an annoying jealous little donkey!

They wake up to nasty text messages and voice messages that sound like an escaped mental patient. Things are not always as them seem…so relax before you jump to conclusions. Some situations that appear to be overt cheating could possible be totally innocent.

This is why you ask, watch your tone, and leave the attitude out of the equation as well. How the heck can you be upset about something that hasn’t been proven beyond a reasonable doubt?




















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