Does Size Matter??

Does it really matter if his penis is 5 inches verses 10 plus inches? Well, the average woman would say YES!

I can hear them shouting YESSSS! Size matters before taking into consideration that the most vaginas are 5-7 inches deep. For some women the vagina opening to the tip of their cervix is 3-4 inches when they are NOT aroused.

Now if we take in consideration how worn out their vagina walls are they may require a more plump penis that would be far better than a longer skinny penis.

Regardless of the size if the man can’t work what he has to please a woman big or small it’s a waste of time and leaves you with a wet bottom wondering what just happened.

You may be wondering what I prefer…hmmmm? I will never tell. Let’s just say it’s not the size of the ship it’s the motion of the ocean.

To be honest, when I hear my girlfriends talking about I like them big, fat and long it makes me look at them like some sort of big hello kitty slut whore.

But then I slap myself into reality and try not to JUDGE them because they like what they like. Some like to be gutted while others like to be handled like a virgin’s first time.

2 thoughts on “Does Size Matter??

  1. ALSO….. It really depends on HOW and WHERE a woman can reach a orgasm.
    Can she reach a orgasm from clitoral stimulization which is extertior or from her vagina walls being stimulate with thrusting, so size may or may not play
    a part in a woman achieving a orgasm or is it just the visual apprearence that stimulates her? Great Blog Patrice.


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