Slow Cook or Microwave?

I meet lots of people with hopes that our connection will lead to a business networking opportunity.

To my dismay, the men are looking to throw me in the microwave for 3 seconds and devour me but I prefer to be slow cooked.

Dating has turned into a conquer and destroy game that can be pretty scary. Slow down partner not every woman is desperate.

If I just met you, why would you invite me to your house in less than 24 hours? Since when did prostitutes start wearing business suits? Ok, I get it you have too much to lose so you won’t rape me. Well, if I willingly come to your home, have dinner and a glass of wine rape may be hard to prove. Besides you didn’t punch me in the face and drag me in your home by my hair.

I completely understand that sluts come from all backgrounds and there are many undercover freaks but that type of behavior is reserved for my man only.

We exchanged business cards does that have to mean I want to have sex with you?

6 thoughts on “Slow Cook or Microwave?

  1. Patrice that behavior by males is a common practice now because so many females are desperate to find a man,that they become blind by their urge to be in a “Relationship”


  2. The horrible behavior of both men and women in this world today is so commonplace , respect for one another is lost , replaced by greed and narcissistic BS , I’m so very thankful for the men that are and we’re in my life that kept me grounded , and respectful of women , I can never thank them enough , rather than to take advantage of a lost and desparate queen taking the the time as steal man to try to out her on a rightious path , sweetie just your very demeanor tells me that , you come from as we would say great stock , never let anyone or anything take that from you ā¤ļøšŸ™šŸŒ¹


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