Allow others to be who they are…

I am my worst critic.

I know the things that need to be changed about me. Therefore; I need for everyone else to focus on their own issues and allow me to attend to mine. If we focus more on ourselves than pointing fingers at others the world would be a better place with less gossip.

To be honest, I actually love who I have become. I may not be perfect or say all the right things but at least I am not PHONY and IGNORANT.

Besides if everyone acted like you the world would be boring so allow others to be who they are! Thanks 🙂

15 thoughts on “Allow others to be who they are…

  1. Good morning for the new year me and my man decided we would go to church together more often. So I was out last night drinking with the girls I got home about 3am yes fellas I come home at a respectable hour;) I wake him up for church he said not this Sunday. I got into my feeling because we have a strong foundation but we all need god in our relationship to keep it strong and keep the devil and haters away. He was off all day Saturday am I wrong for getting upset because I WANT to attend church with my man? Am I wrong for wanting to moving in the right direction with god over seeing our future and relationship? My grandma always to me if you can party all night than you can get up in the morning and thank god for your blessing because there is always someone doing worse than you and they doing whatever it takes to get to church and praise him. Blogger what’s your view on this?


  2. Angel I feel you on that a lot of us don’t take time to thank the man that wakes us up every morning and gives us the strength to go on. There are days me and my man go to church together and there are days he can’t make it but I go and when I go make sure the money I give come from us as couple and he does the same when I can’t go. How many of us can say our man or woman does that? If you have a decent man or woman and they love you and cherish the ground you walk on put god your relationship and he will guide it to happiness and making it perfect for the both of you.


  3. Last year it was the worse year with my man. Today we moved into our new apartment and it feels so good. We both are committed to making this work. It’s like new year new place a new bond to be made between us. Any advise on how to keep our love strong so we can reach that next level. What are your plans with man this year to make the bond and love stronger. Whatever your doing I will give it a try.


  4. Hello blogger how are you? How’s the new year going so far with you and your hubby to be? I made a vow to start working out this year. Today was my first day back in the gym and my man he is a personal trainer and we are working out together and than goes to give this girl a helping hand I understand that being a train when you see someone doing something the wrong way you correct them. I continue to work out than I see her hands feeling on his chest and they both smiling at each other. Blogger am I wrong for getting upset with him because he’s flexing his muscles and she touch on him. This make me think some of his other female clients touches him too. I’ve always had a feeling is sleeping with a Client now I’m boiling in side he’s asking me why I’m mad he saying baby they just admiring what’s yours. Please give me your views on this.


    • Hello my dear. All is as well as it’s going to be for now. Thanks!
      First, I want to congratulate you on deciding to work out that’s so awesome!

      Let them touch his muscles as long as it’s not the one between his legs.
      Never accuse him of cheating unless you have proof. Women intuition can be wrong sometimes when our imaginations get carried away.

      Keep your ears and eyes open. Besides you don’t own him nor does he own you.
      People are going to do what they want.
      Trust him until he proves otherwise.


  5. I took this lady out for dinner open the car doors and I was a complete gentleman. After the night was over she told me she didn’t want to see me again. I asked why she said your to nice. Ladies does being a gentleman qualitifies you being soft? Let’s not forget I’m 49 years old. Blogger does your man open your car door? Does he warm your car up when it’s cold? Is he a gentlemen? If he is do you think he’s soft and weak?


    • Consider her doing you a huge favor.
      Too nice? You are not soft or weak.
      My dude isn’t consistent with the things you mentioned; only when he’s in the dog house. Please don’t change and raise your standards when it comes to women who will appreciate you being a true gentleman.


  6. Angel the year has just gotten started I understand how important church is. When I started to have relationship problems we both attend church more and we started to communicate more and as time went by things got better. Keep this in mind what happen last year is the past keep the past problems out your future and watch how much strong and closer you become to him. I will admit my man said I’m his best friend. I love him so much for telling me that. That something a every relationship needs to move to that next level.


  7. Hello blogger I told you about me and my lady taken those classes. I will admit as a man we think we know all about a woman Vagina and how to please her you don’t know SHIT please excuse my French. As a couple I’ve learn so many new tricks and how to please her in ways you can’t imagine. I will admit she had learn a lot and stepped your game up. I will advise couple take those classes. Think about your not born a pro at sex the more we practice the better we get at it. She learned a trick to prolong me. Hey thanks to you blogger 2014 is looking great 🙂


      • Hey sis I’m going to bring this comment up here is part 1. The class are for couple but they are five courses that you take by as men only classes and the ladies have the same. The first and number (1) rule we learn is that SEX is something we learn and get better with as we PRACTICE. The more PRACTICE we have the better we become. None of us born sex experts so we can’t expect our partners to be the best. In the men class we learn the different parts of the vagina and how it works. The spots that can drive a woman crazy and stops we can touch and nothing happens. We have this dummie vagina that we kiss lick and learn how to give the woman the perfect oral sex. The lips are so important only with the clit and the way they teach you how to suck, lick and little tug to make a woman goes crazy. All I’m say sis is since taken these classes she hasn’t been the same I try the stuff I learn on her and she does her thing on me an I will say we both are climaxing on a different level. She learn this trick that prolongs me and it drives me crazy. I’m going to my third class on Thursday and I can wait. After the fifth class we take our couple classes. Sis I don’t know your man but please give him my email you have helped me in ways I can’t repay but I want to share my info I learn with so he can work magic on you. My lady will be emailing you with her tricks she has learn sis OMG 2014 is looking fun and excellent. I will comment part 2 but best believe I left a lot of info out trying to keep it PG. Tell him to email please. The classes are adult sex classes I’m going to as the instructor what’s the website so you can sign up.


      • PG! PG BABY…
        What is the cost? Share the websit for other to view if they are interested. A dummy hello kitty!? OH WOW! I hope they clean those things after each use.


      • Yes sis the hello kitty’s are brand new. The cost varies depends on how many class you want to take I’m going to post the info for your area about the class soon as I find out. We are going back on Thursday. I must admit we have gotten so close I will admit she is my best friend now.


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