Are You Damaged Goods?

Never blame anyone for your unhappiness. People only do what you “allow” them to do. Take responsibility for the role you play in any relationship. The longer you stay in an unhealthy relationship the less chance you have of EVER having a healthy relationship with anyone.

You will continue to have flash backs and blame everyone that comes into your life for something that you allowed another person to do to you.

We all have a threshold when it comes to your level of tolerance but you have to know what that threshold is.

Never blame anyone for your unhappiness; I am certain you know where the door is.

Straight from The Heart, Patrice ❤

13 thoughts on “Are You Damaged Goods?

  1. We all are damage goods in some way shape or form. I’m damage goods but my lady love’s me. Patrice if your damage goods guess what MR TW love’s you still. Some men just don’t want to deal with the damage goods but my mom always told me if you love and care and nurture those goods they will turn around and become wanted goods. Hopefully she stay with you because you loved her when no one else wanted those damage goods.


    • I am not damaged goods…life is too short I bounce back fast! I guess when you have experienced so much in your life that you become a tough cookie.
      I love life that is exactly why I will not waste any more time…
      My focus is to cultivate my own happiness and if someone wants to add to my life that’s a plus.
      I do not have time to deal with damaged goods either unless they are willing to move pass their hurt etc.


      • That’s great you bounce back fast but don’t bounce back too fast. The fact your a tough cookie is a plus. You can’t be soft in this world we live in. When your with someone and your trying to build a future it takes time you can’t rush your foundation. Once you slack on that the rest of your empire your building will fall. When your cultivate your happiness be careful if the one that will tell you they want the same but in reality all they want is to waste your time and play games.


      • It sure is great and I will contine to bouce back fast and nobody will ever dictate the time frame in which that should happen.
        If you want to build a future with someone you don’t play house for several years.
        My time was already wasted for 6 years and trust me I have learned from that…Mark you are too much…:)


  2. This lady love me when I was down on my luck. She is the only person I want. I can’t picture myself with another woman. Have you ever had someone that treat you like a queen give there all to you and tell you your perfect and they don’t want anyone else but you. This may sound crazy to you but that how you know that this person not one loves you but they are in love with you. That’s the type of person you want to be your husband.


  3. When you love someone and they don’t love you back you should be able to see those sign early on but when you don’t I guess that’s what we call blinded by love.


    • Mark WRONG! You never see the signs because you are in love. If it were that easy don’t you think there would less broken hearts in this world…it’s NOT that simple…People love in different ways so the “signs” are not always there.
      You ever meet a super nice woman that you thought was into you but she wasn’t? That was just who she was always smiling, lots of contact and doing nice things for you or anyone in her company? I call that mixed signals that are read incorrectly….same thing as love. Sometimes you just don’t know and it does not mean you are blind. People do and say things that are the exact opposite of how they feel all the time. #FACT


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