Random Thoughts #2

• When you finally realize what you don’t want in a relationship that’s better than not knowing.
• Sometimes we know what we want but aren’t too clear on exactly what that may be.
• For some strange reason most people specifically females get caught up in what I call fairytale love.
• My opinion, most folks get married for financial gain and great sex over love. This is not the case with every situation.
• When someone tells you that they don’t love you; believe them.
• If someone tells you that they love you; tell them to show you as well.
• The worst part is you not knowing if the other person truly loves you or if they are with you because you have “benefits”. People are very good at faking it until they make it.
• Being afraid to give your heart to someone is not the way anyone should live but being cautious is very necessary.
• Having a history with someone means nothing if that history is full of deceit, pain and misery.
• Don’t ever believe that love is supposed to hurt; if it does you are forcing something that is not meant to be.
• It’s not fair but who said life was? You may totally love someone with all your heart and they may just “like” you.

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #2

  1. Good afternoon Patrice how are you. I want to say I RESPECT you and your man decided to give each other a break. Sometimes as women we need to stand on our own before we decide to take it to the next step like marriage. That gives you and him both time to fix problems within. This is a excellent random thoughts. I’m 47 years old and I’ve been thru it all and I’m going to share my experience with you and the world.
    As humans we always think or say what we are looking for but when we get it that’s not what we want. That can lead us knowing what we want but aren’t too clear on exactly what it may be. I’ve gotten married for financial gain and great sex.
    My first marriage is ALL for the money. I was tired of struggling and paying bills late. I met a guy he was rich about 50 million in his account. Don’t get me wrong it was nice living in huge mansions and driving million dollar cars and buy whatever I want in life. But deep inside I wasn’t happy. He just wasn’t the man for me. My family and friends enjoyed his wealth as well and told me I would be stupid to leave him but god knows and I know that I married that man for money and I will say this money doesn’t make you happy and there is a lot more headaches that come with that life. I got a divorce.
    I married another man because I thought I was in love but in reality I was just d*ck whipped. He was the greatest love maker I ever had and had the big nice size and he knew how to work it. As women when we get that good liven we forget about the small things that make us happy. This man lacked in so many areas it’s not funny but I was blind by the dick I could not see it. We would fight that leads to sex and he would always get his way. We got married and that’s when all hell broke lose he could keep a job. He was lazy didn’t like to clean. He never wanted to help out around the house. He p*ssed on the floor. All he was good for was laying d^ck and making me c*m. This is to all these lady’s good big penis and great sex don’t pay the bills. I had to end that because I can do bad by myself and if I need to c^m I know how to play with myself and use toys. I need that marriage quick.
    You can never make a man or woman love you. The last guy I was with I use to tell him I love you and he would not say it back. He would tell me I like you a lot. Like me alike this ain’t middle school. So I cut that off he just stay around because of my big butt sex and the fact I could cook. Ladies and gentleman you can force a man or woman to love you if it doesn’t come naturally it’s not love. Beware of those that throw the words I love you out loosely because trust me they are telling you that because you are giving them sex or cooking for them or they are using you for a come up. You may not have much but if you have more than them it’s a come up for them. Than you have the ones that have it all and you like wow they love me because he has more than me wrong. He’s telling you that because he wants to keep having sex with you and everyone else or your head game is great. I’ve had men tell me I never loved you but I love having sex with you and I love the way you give me head. Ladies we are not a sex toy so don’t allow men to use you as one. Any man can show you he want to be with spoil you but tell him not sex for a year and watch what happens. Ladies there are men that stick around for a year but that are having sex with another woman also so don’t get fooled by them also.
    Patrice I don’t know you and I don’t know the guy you are taken a break from but I will say this being we are close in age. You stayed with him for five years. Not sure if the sex got boring or what but if that man had ask you three or one year ago to marry him and you would of the relationship is worth saving. If you and him both made progress and he respected you as a woman and he did his man duties and prove for you as a woman and his family it’s worth saving. Sometimes life is moving so fast and years are flying by we don’t take time out as a couple for ourselves and do what’s right. This break let it breath fresh air into this relationship you and him have. Tell me if I’m wrong you were in school greeting your degree than you realized the years have past and you wasn’t married. You started thinking and asking god to show you signs that leaving him is the best thing. All the sign you asked for was there. But never did we ask god to help us make this relationship right and fix it. We have so much stress build up we think leaving is the best option when in fact our best move should been to ask good to fix him and what you both shared as a couple. The reason I said we is because I lost my man from some of those same actions. I’ve been in your shoes. If we talked on the phone and I shared my story with you I can bet you will say Regina we are living the exact same life and and situations. How do I know because I read all your topics in your blog and all your comments and even thro you are respecting his privacy with is only right I see my life in your story. That’s why I said that break will breath fresh air in that relationship. Don’t throw it away. Hope I didn’t bore you or your followers with my comment. I will post more after church hope to hear from you soon. Plus he know all your flaws and still called you perfect. That means he loves you for who you are. We are humans we all make mistakes let’s forgive and fix.


    • Hello Regina,
      Great response and never once did I feel like you were judging me. You never came accross as trying to be GOD or thinking you were better than me and for that I thank you! Everything you wrote was on point and I agree with you 100%…You are what I call a reality woman who refuses to live a lie. Can we keep it clean my dear…LOL We are all adults but out of respect for others on my blog refrain from gross terms. Thanks and I really appreciate you taking time out to not only read my blog but respond with so much detail and thought. I appreciate you Regina!


      • Your welcome. I’m so sorry I got caught up into the hood in me I forgot to use my corporate brain. Sometimes it just comes out lol. I’m living proof of reality. All the glitz and glamour isn’t for everyday. I’m so happy living in my small house in my small world. I don’t need all the fancy things the rich and famous have . All I need is God and a man that respects me and is willing to give me 100% of him since I’m giving him 100% of me. I can’t handle all the games these men play. What’s even worse you have men 35-50 playing high school romance grow up take on some responsibility become real men.


  2. Married or not get one partner stick with them and work it out. If you decide to get married great if not you both need a safe haven because it’s a zoo out here. Don’t be giving your goodies out like preserve yourself. Girl this dating game is crazy these days OMG.


  3. Hello Patrice how are you? I’m going thru something’s in my current relationship. We may have some of the same problems. You may be able to share some of your knowledge with me. I when to talk to my dad last night about some issues that I’m going thru. He shared some wisdom and asked me some questions that I didn’t know how to answer. I feel a connection between me and you I want to share his words with you. Why leave a man that never hurt or rejected you? Why would you do that to him? He does everything you ever wanted a man to do and that a man should do. All the guys in the past wanted you was for sex and your big butt. They didn’t care about building a future with you. This guy loves you and cherish everything about you and wants to be with you forever why give that up? There is much more to a relationship besides sex and you have that with him why give it up? He cares about your feelings your birthday your favorite color, ice cream and family why give that up? Yea there are other guys out here but why end something that you both can work on to make better. He’s not perfect and your not perfect but you two are perfect for each other. Take a look at your relationship and how do you respond to that. My dad really put things in perspective last night. I know your going thru something in your relationship I just wanted to share this because it may help you put things in order also. This is a eye opener isn’t it.


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